Idea Image is the Japanese partner of the Lego Group. They work with Lego to produce community supported sets. If an idea submitted to the website gains 10,000 supporters, it stands a chance of being producded as a Lego Product.

Currently on Cuusoo, a person by the name of Addam has a MLP concept going over there, picture above shows one idea. I’ve included the pictures from the page (found here) which includes Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. Its not a bad idea. I am not a person who owns a ton of merchandise (actually, all I own is a set of Derpy stamps that I framed), and if they actually made a Derpy Hooves figure, obviously I would buy it.

The down side of this of course is, MLP is Hasbro’s property, and Lego isn’t owned by Hasbro (yet…). But on the up side, Hasbro has recently re-entered the ‘building block’ toy market. It had a series that ran for about 5 years until 2005, but in the past year they have re-entered with the KRE-o line. Currently the Kre-o line is producing Transformers construction kits, but the one thing I did read is that Kre-o is designed to work with Legos. So in one hand you have tension between two toy companies since Hasbro is kind of stepping into their market, but on the other hand its a chance for both companies to get friendly, and maybe do some business.

At the time of this writing, the project has 545 votes for support. Feel free to drop by the page, take a look at the notes and what Addam has, and give’em a vote.

[Source: The Pirate John Roberts]

Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

Idea Image

  • Soda Pony

    It would be nice to see some pony Lego or Kre-O. But I’m not holding up too much hope. As well as My Little Pony, Hasbro owns Dungeons and Dragons, and I’ve still not seen the Heroes of Equestria game supplement. ;)

    (I would so love that supplement!)

  • Anonymous

    They look kinda weird for legos… Why not make them similar to current lego horses?

  • Fadflamer

    Oh god. Not Megablocks? I would cry tears of blood and joy if this actually happened. Won’t get my hopes up, but I could join the ranks of psychopath moms at Christmas time…

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  • Mix Heart

    Okay what about Kre-O? Mega blocks?