episode_100__by_shivall-d8wcuoyEpisode 100! by Shivall

509 – “Slice of Life”

Written by: M. A. Larson
As Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity battle a monster, the rest of Ponyville rushes to make it to a wedding on time.

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  • That was pretty crazy. I don’t know what to think of this episode. It was actually kind of exactly what I expected… No matter what, congrats to the FiM team on 100 episodes! Also Gummy stole the show.

  • Frith.dreamwidth.org

    That was interesting. I missed the mis-en-scene because I started scrambling for a stream at the last minute and I’d forgotten to enable Javascript. 9_9 But the gist was easy to get following the intro. Best parts were the panda bug bear, the changeling at the wedding and the beginning of the Vinyl/Octavia jam where they start to groove.

    Steven Magnet’s analysis, the whole marriage is unimportant, it’s all about the wedding thing, it’s so TRUE! Which is why a wedding preparation episode is like watching an ant farm. I don’t cry at weddings.

  • JodyMorgan

    Well, that was fun. If it wasn’t the classic I could have hoped for, it was still a wild ride and another excellent episode for a terrific season. Loved the flameless fireworks, the return of Cranky and Matilda, and all the over-the-top stuff (the bugbear, the mobile bass cannon, Doctor Whooves’s dialog, and *especially* the changling). It was also nice to see Celestia and Luna in bickering-sisters mode, just because it fleshes them out a bit more.