This may have been made as a joke at the time. It could very well also be the first FiM PMV ever made.

There’s also this, which proves that the term Bronies has been around since at least November December

Where my bronies at?
insertclichename 8 months ago

With an upload date of October 29th 2010 (two days before my arrival in the fanbase, fyi) and the description telling us of how there were only 3 episodes out so far, this is like looking right into our history book. I found this in my favorites right around the same time as one of Mr Yaridovich’s first pony vids (that is now taken down unfortunately.) and that Rainbow Dash sits in for God – Monty Python Parody. Along with the VERY GOOD Trouble is a Friend PMV.

Then Dr Foreigner (the man who first found Derpy Hooves) pointed THIS VIDEO OUT TO ME which is officially the ORIGINAL FiM PMV. Uploaded on October 14th 2010.

Take a good look kids, this is what it was like in the fandom’s infancy.

  • Anonymous

    Oh sweet Jesus. This makes Ponychan look decent by comparison.

    I don't want to live in this world anymore.

  • Frith

    I'm a little suspicious. That video, which is dated October 14, four days after the 10/10/10 launch of the Hub and MLP:FIM, has scenes from episodes 2, 3 and four. Did they show both episodes 1 and 2 back to back on 10/10/10? Were there spoilers or teasers for episodes 3 and 4?

    If the fandom of MLP:FIM had remained in the vein of that "October 14" video, I would not be watching ponies.

  • vampirecheetah

    Hah hah WOW! I never thought I'd see my "Always" video featured here XD. It's very wonderful to see just how many leaps the FiM fandom has grown since October, hasn't it?

  • Bronies

    This changes everything. Now we know that we were not originated on 4Chan raids this year(2011). This is amazing, must do a full article with this.
    Brony History prevails.

  • Frith

    I first saw the Always video a few weeks ago as an answer to one of my 100 prompts, here: It seems people still like it a lot all these months later. It's quite nice, congrats Vampirecheetah. 8^)

  • Frith

    Mah fancy mathematics says you done guess wrong and 8 months ago is mid-December.