My Little Pony Movie Slated for 2017

According to Variety, Hasbro has announced that they’re currently making an animated My Little Pony movie, with plans to release it in 2017. Check below the break for more details from the article specifically about MLP.

The film will join “Jem and the Holograms” as the first to be produced through Allspark Pictures, a new label through which the company will self-finance or pair up with other companies to co-finance a slate of film projects.

Hasbro Studios will take the reigns of “My Little Pony,” producing and financing it in-house. It is in discussion with studios to release the film “on the broadest possible number of screens,” said Stephen Davis, president of Hasbro Studios and global entertainment and licensing for Hasbro Inc. “We’re very excited about the potential of that movie.”

Joe Ballarini, who wrote Fox’s “Ice Age: Continental Drift” is penning the script for the “Pony” pic, while Megan McCarthy, who produces and has written for the series “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,” and straight-to-home video “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls” films, will serve as co-executive producer on the theatrical movie.

First introduced in 1983, and developed by Bonnie Zacherle, Charles Muenchinger and Steve D’Aguanno, the “My Little Pony” characters have colorful bodies, manes and distinguishing “cutie marks” on their flanks. The property has launched four animated series and been revamped over the years, enjoying strong sales in the 1980s and then again in 2010, with its popularity driven by well-received shows.

With “My Little Pony,” Hasbro already has produced direct-to-home video animated movies and is producing the 100th episode of the franchise’s current TV series that plays in over 180 countries worldwide on kids cable channel Discovery Family, formerly The Hub, starting Oct. 13.

“We have a lot of experience working on this particular brand,” and when it comes to producing the animation, technology has brought down costs to a level where it doesn’t need to spend $100 million or more to make the film. Hasbro declined to disclose the budget on the “Pony” pic.

“Film and TV is a key driver and very important part of the building blocks for a company like Hasbro,” Davis said. “It’s where we want to use great stories to activate our brands.”

Hasbro’s girls segment, which includes “My Little Pony,” “Nerf Rebelle” and other toy lines, saw sales increase 5% to $407.7 million during the company’s third quarter, whose results were announced Monday, during which overall revenue increased 7% to $1.47 billion.


    It’s, so… wow. MLP:FIM on the big sceen.

  • S-3

    Better than EG anyday… THIS is what needed a movie.

  • SweetShop209

    I don’t want to sound negative, but what is the point of an MLP movie with the ponies? If you think about it, the MLP two parters are like mini movies. There’s some sort of big catastrophe, there’s a big villain (or evil force), (sometimes) giant fight, and rainbow/light blast. You basically watch the same thing. This goes for the Equestria Girls movies. Unless this movie is a crossover with another franchise, I don’t know what could be seen in this movie that can’t be seen in two parters.

  • Jaume

    I’d like to think it would involve better animation than the Flash used on the series, but the 2017 release date makes me think it may be CGI oh Celestia, please not…

  • Jouva

    I too am concerned that it will be CGI as part of the draw to the series is the look of the characters. It’s a simple yet pleasing aesthetic.

    Also, like commented below, yes it’s true that two parters are very much like movies. When I first jumped into the series as a whole, I thought about how the pilot episodes would have worked fairly well as a movie. The only problem is that it’s ~44 minutes of content rather than say ~70-90 minutes. So we’re talking more like a 3 or 4 parter.

    That would mean more singing, more potential room for content that they would love to put in but had to cut, and various other advantages. It ALSO means a potential for unnecessary filler.

    But we will see what happens.

  • Chuck Kopsho

    I’m sure the original voice actors/actresses will sign-on do the movie. Since Hasbro is producing, it’ll become one of the hits of 2017.

  • Ulrik Raben