My Little Pony: Rhythm Is Magic

Somehow, “ponies” has become synonymous with “music.” Stemming from the harmonious melodies that come from the show itself, you can already likely fill up an 80GB music player with all the fan music (pleasant or otherwise) that’s come out of this fandom’s musicians. But of course, this being the Internet, there’s still plenty of nooks and crannies that need to be saturated with Ponies. Here we take a look at the Pony parodies based on the Nintendo DS musical rhythm game, Rhythm Heaven, which is comprised of a bunch of musical minigames where the basic goal is to stay on beat by tapping/swiping the screen. MysteryBen27 being the originator of the concept with Rhythm is Magic: Peckish Pony 2 (based on RH’s Munchy Monk 2) and Twilight Goes to DJ School, a few others have been inspired to animate other RH games using the Pony cast. BattyBovine, the animator of the video above, sent this one in and it retains the charm of the game and the show to make another morsel of glorious Pony eye candy.

Check out more RH Pony parodies after the break.

  • Osu! (free rhythm game) has several MLP-related beatmaps.

  • Kyser

    Loving the Applejack beatmap

  • i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee derpy and dashie

  • Anonymous

    i liked the rainbow dash bit where she is made insdead of a cute snuggley teddy :3