I hesitated on posting this early in the day, namely because when I think of Zazzle, I think of indie people producing their own merchandise, and not a place for official merchandise, but it seems MLP has its own Zazzle account.  Unlike Hot Topic / WeLoveFine, these are more mainstream to the show, what I would call ‘classic’ t-shirts.  Several examples are above, pretty straight forward artwork but some enjoyable designs.  Being that it is Zazzle you can get these in various forms (I think I even saw hoodies), and ranging from kid size to adult male & female.  There are also 3 ring binders, and one section which you can have your name or a message printed out along with the picture.
Also if you are into the “classic” MLP, they also have their own section.
  • Anonymous

    >no 20% BRONY shirts
    >none of those terrible vectors
    I am more than okay with this

  • Anonymous

    also looking at the site, their shirts were only available in youth sizes.

  • DerpySquad

    Really? I looked at the site and it had mens listed and available to preview with the logos, might be a different story when you go to order though. I'll have to double check.

  • Anonymous

    DerpySquad is right. Zazzle is custom, made to order. By default they're kids sizes, but you can change it to mens and womens sizes.

    In fact my mother ordered a shirt on there. It was in mens M, dark colored, long sleeve, and had Fluttershy on front when it came.

    While they only show youth, the sizes and shirt styles can be changed.