Well we were handed the same information as EqD regarding this tumblr, supposedly operated by a background voice actor for MLP:FiM.  There is no proof, or confirmations in this, though some seem to be taking all of this stuff to heart.  Always remember, there be trolls out thar.

Behind the page break is a transcribed version of the tumblr, as the post has been removed.  If you believe in this stuff, then spoiler alert.

This is a text transcription of some of the questions, I didn’t bother to do the whole thing as many of the questions are asking if certain characters come back.  In short, yes, and they’re all going to have one line.  The full screenshot document can be found here.

muffing-murderer asked:  Sooo…how exactly do you work with MLP?  What do you do?

Answer:  I work for MLP as a placeholder voice.  Sometimes as 2nd voice in songs.

Anon asked:  Does Princess Celestia finally reveal her trolling nature?

Answer:  Erm… sometimes she would.

Anon asked: Will there be more Derpy?

Answer: Yes, there will be more Ditzy.

Anon asked:  Will Luna be making more apperances?  And how can I be sure you are apart of the MLP Team?

Answer:  I was on the live stage show.  And yes, Luna will be making more apperances.

ask-twilight asked:  What do you know about Season 2?  List everything and be specific.

Answer:  Oh…If I list everything.  Wouldn’t that count as spoilers to the whole season?

Anon asked:  What about fan-favorite BG ponies, such as Lyra/Bon Bon, Carrot Top and Octavia?

Answer:  They will appear at least once with a line.

Anon asked:  What’s the longest amount of time Ditzy is on screen?

Answer:  I have no idea.  I haven’t checked the timeline for Ditzy when viewing some episodes.

askspikesomething asked:  Will we actually learn more of the names of the background ponies that we see so much?

Answer:  Most if it?  Well no.  Most of it are named after the fandom names actually.

ask-twilight asked:  When they mentioned there being a “Luna episode”, did they mean Luna-centric or simply prominently featuring her?

Answer:  Yes, it will be Luna centric but there are episodes where she is featured.

Anon asked:  Does Doctor Whooves voice actor have a British accent?

Answer:  Not much.  Mostly normal american.

Anon asked:  In a nutshell, who is this ‘Discord’?

Answer:  A trapped evil pony who is a male.  I’m not gonna release full information about him.

Anon asked:  Oh.  Well what about Discord?  Is that fake or true?

Answer:  True.

ask-twilight asked:  Does Ditzy speak at all in season 2?

Answer:  She does.  I mean really.  She’s a cannon.

Anon asked:  Will there be more Big Mac dialogue and/or an episode focused on him?

Answer:  Well more dialogue.  But episode?  I don’t think so.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    'pologies, as on eqd, it's turned out to be false. But we have a definite on the season 2 air date so yay there.

  • DerpySquad

    Figured as much. Murky answers on a tumblr created only a few days ago by a supposedly placeholder VA who seems to have tons of knowledge about one show he/she works on. I probably wouldn't have bothered posting it, but I do enjoy hearing the screams.

  • Lethallin

    Yeah, it all seemed very sketchy as it was turning up.

    Good to know it's for sure fake though.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    secretly trolling using another troll's material?

    As before, at least we seem to be getting a bit more thick skinned in that regard.
    There was only a few positive and a few negative aneurisms as a result.

  • Pyritie

    ugh, that's the same guy whose team I had to rescue for ponykart. He's completely useless and I don't trust him at all, so this all reeks of bullshit to me

  • pixelkitties

    The thing that made me suspicious was that this individual seemed far-too smug about all the amazing things he couldn't tell us. For a background/placeholder VA he also seemed to know a heck of a lot of detail. No real surprise that he turns out to just be an attention seeker, but I'm happy for the confirmation.