Seems old Sethisto has done a little investigation work on the Taobao Derpy reported back on 3/8, and I guess you could say busted the myth from the official Hasbro side. He (and other curious people) have e-mailed Hasbro about the Derpy Figure, namely asking if its an official product. Hasbro Consumer Service has replied back with the general phrase of “The My Little Pony look-a-like in the link you provided is not a Hasbro Product”. Inb4 all the theories on that phrasing.

What comes into my head is what would Hasbro say about the so called “Fall Lineup” that was also leaked on back on 3/27. We know the figures in general are official, as seen in the February Toy Fair, but why are they being sold on Taobao? Not knowing the site well, I would only assume that maybe they sell product that doesn’t meet quality control (if there is a such a thing in those factories), or that someone is just making a quick buck.

Still up in the air of course is Taobao Derpy. I declare myth busted on the fact that Hasbro denies them to be official, but all in all the figures are real (as several community members, ordered, paid and got their fashion style Derpy). We’ll see if we can’t turn over a rock or two.

[Source: EqD]

  • Hoppip

    yeah, must’ve been made by a factory worker then, apparently them making their own variations and then selling them on taobao isn’t uncommon

  • Clover Patch

    A factory worker who managed to whip up a batch of plastic in a color they don’t use normally, cast a bunch of pegs and run them through the hair machine, print on custom eyes and mark then smuggle them out. That’s a whole lot of looking the other way. And if it came from another factory who knocked off the mold, why have they only made 24? Wouldn’t they at least make a bunch of other knock-off ponies with the molds?

    Hasbro doesn’t have a very good track record for information. One person who asked was told that the G4 Mintys had already come out the previous Christmas and we know that totally isn’t true. They also said Celestia would never be white.

    • Well the factory worker theory is what I call “half assed” as I didn’t put any thought behind it. Double agree with Hasbro and their information, I’d put money down they’d say the same about the other ponies that were for sale.

      As for the Celestia figure, they said that, but also people bitched up a storm, and not just G4 fans. Somewhere in the summer there was a meeting and a Q&A that we posted here, where someone asked about the pink Celestia and the fact she paid $100 bucks for someone to paint her figure white.

      In the end, we’ll probably never know about the Derpy toy, I’m kind of hoping it was a promotional set for a convention somewhere, or something.

  • Sakura

    Does anypony have a link to where I can buy it. I really want it.