You’ll be seeing this picture a few more times today.

 Man, I’m not sure if Hasbro should plug that obvious leak. But LadyM from the My Little Pony Trading Post forums (this is one of those long standing forums where fans from ALL the generations hang out) found a brand new pack of Blindbag ponies INCLUDING MALE PONIES AND BACKGROUND PONIES.

Right off the bat, there’s Big Mac, Lyra and Rose. Even though her hair is a little funky her CM is the same as Berry Punch’s. Anyways, the faithful news scrapers for EqD found this one and I was taking a nap. All the cool things happen when I’m sleeping…

  • Anonymous

    The males look terrible up close, their snouts are just slapped on and they all have girly eyelashes but at least they are something.
    As for the background ponies, well they are just recolors of the main cast so I'm not excited to get these.

  • Anonymous

    Even if they're just cheap, "that'll do" style models, the fact is that they are presently acknowledging us, and at the very least testing the waters with products like this. If they see a demand for higher-quality, more diverse product by everypony, then we will start to see more and better. But for the moment: embrace the inexpensive nature of children's products and buy up figurines such as these for your collection, as that is the only way we have to show those with the money at Hasbro that we are interested in their wears.

  • pixelkitties

    Lyra! LYRA! There's an official Lyra toy now? I will sell everything I own for this!

    Well, maybe not…but I REALLY want her!