by ~Makkon
Spoiler – Seems two new characters have cropped up?  I wasn’t sure of the full story, and frankly I don’t even watch EqD anymore, outside of their twitter feed for a quick scan for any news we’ve missed, but this seems to have slipped under the radar with a bunch of us.  Spoilerific kind of stuff, so you’ve been warned.

Update: Telofy over at Ponyleaks passed us over some high-rez pictures and additional information.

Okay so this one kind of flew under my radar, according to EqD’s article confirming at least through twitter that these are actual characters which will appear in the show, I could find hardly anything.  Even a Google Custom search of EqD shows really nothing from the names, but knowing them they probably originally shoved this in their nightly wrap up.
Shining Armor & Princess Candence, seen above.  From what I have been told (and dug out of the net), these characters appeared on some promotional signage at the Hasbro HQ Party which I guess happened a few weeks back,  Its apparent its a royal wedding, and its even been pointed out that “Prince Shining Armor” is wearing the same attire as Prince William.  So its an obvious take about the royal wedding.
Its been confirmed by VA Andrew Francis that at least Shining Armor will appear in the show, as seen above in a tweet.  We’ll just assume Candence will also appear in the show.
Best results from what I’ve been able to dig around on this, is that this is possibly the finale for Season 2.
Additional Information:  Seems according to Telofy of Ponyleaks has some back details.  The images showed up on a post from the EqD around December 9th.  They are no info on the context of the pictures and just knew that it was from the Hasbro HQ Party (which I assume is a holiday party for the staff and I’m sure lots of kids).  Seems that post also disappeared from EqD, which is probably why I couldn’t find any previous information.

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  • Anonymous

    That's quite interesting, I wonder how they will fit into the picture.
    I mean, another prince and princess? Are there more pony countries other than Equestria? What the hay?

  • Anonymous

    Latest episode's TrollHD raw is available.

  • Anonymous

    @Anon1, yes there are more countries than just Equestria; the land of the zebras, the land of the griffons, and wherever applebloom's "fancy speak" came from.

  • Anonymous

    nah this can't be for season 2 finale, it's far too late to be doing VA work for it now

    where does it say that "shining armor" is that white and blue stallion though?

  • DerpySquad

    With the updated pictures there is now a signboard with a wedding announcement on it.

    True on the VA work though, they're in animation mode and should be wrapping up Season 2, maybe its something from Season 3?

  • Anonymous

    Even the characters in the show have mentioned Equestria being just a country, not the entire world.

    I'm just a little annoyed at all the hubbub there's been over another Alicorn showing up. :\ It's never been stated in the show that Alicorns are any sort of godlike deities, and yet everypony is freaking out over how "Princess Cadence" will fit into this completely fanon "religion".

  • Anonymous

    She's pink.

  • Anonymous

    @2:11 AM Anon:

    And what is wrong with pink? :/ I'm actually quite happy to see a legit, pink Alicorn. Can't wait to get a toy of her~<3

    I wonder what her Cutie Mark is? "Cadence" has to do with music, I believe… maybe a musical instrument or some music notes? But that sounds boring. :/