A new Friendship is Magic soundtrack petition has popped up on Change.org! Click below the break for more info.

Some of you may be familiar with Senn555; in April 2011, he created a petition calling for the release of a soundtrack. Unfortunately, it didn’t go anywhere despite having over 6,200 signatures as Hasbro never acknowledged the existence of the petition.

Senn is now back with a new petition on Change.org, and it is connected to two private Hasbro contacts. One of them is Matt Proulx, Head of Marketing and Public Relations for Hasbro Studios. Every signature the petition receives generates an automatic e-mail sent to these contacts. Hopefully we can see a proper soundtrack release happening soon, or at least acknowledgement from Hasbro and/or The Hub that one is being worked on.

At a recent New York Comic Con panel, a fan asked about a forthcoming soundtrack release, to which Mike Vogel (Vice President of Development for Hasbro Studios) responded: “I think that sounds like a really good idea.” However, Hasbro executives were present at the panel and there were similar answers given to other sensitive fan questions (“mmmaybe”; “sounds good!”; “we don’t know”), so this does not provide 100% confirmation.

In a post Senn555 made on MLP Forums, he summarizes some key info from Daniel Ingram regarding a soundtrack: “If a soundtrack CD ever does come out professionally (one that does not slap all of the TV mixes of the songs together as a means of a quick cash-in), not only will a number of songs be heard in full as they were written and intended to be heard by Daniel, but their overall sound will be greatly improved and heard like never before.” This is because “two different mixes of all of his songs take place in post production – one mix in 5.1 surround that is heard in the final product of the episode, and another mix in stereo that sounds radically different and is meant to be used and heard only in case a soundtrack CD ever materializes.” Daniel has also said that a lot of material ends up being cut for the final TV versions and he does not know anything about Hasbro releasing a soundtrack album for MLP:FiM.

Go here and sign the petition!

  • Marrock

    Just remember what happened the last time a Hasbro exec got spammed with a ton of e-mails.

    • Apparently I missed this. What happened?

      • Marrock

        They blocked the sending server.

  • Spamming executives with e-mails seems to be a wonderful idea. Oh yes.

    I’d assume that they already have change.org e-mails filtered out.

    • I had already tried contacting them exactly one week ago, and I sent them follow-up e-mails to tell them I’d be starting this petition. They never got back to me. Isn’t the entire purpose of Public Relations to listen to your potential customers and respond to them to keep the company / community relationship on good terms?

      • Hasbro is a slow old beast of the business though, it takes conventions at least two months to get permission to run under the MLP name, and even like the “Shards of Equestra” game that got cease and desisted upon, took them about a month for Hasbro to send word via the lawyer as to the specific reasons. Hasbro has poor public relations, ask any other Hasbro fandom like the Transformers.

        • That still isn’t an excuse for them not to respond to my private inquiries after a full week, IMO. I can understand taking a day or two because of being busy / other responsibilities, but a full week? That just seems crazy that they take over two months to approve conventions…

  • I would put money down that they have change.org blocked from their e-mail servers given the f’d up petitions people have come up with. Change.org should have an option that doesn’t just keep sending people e-mails.

    But if per chance this thing got 10,000 signatures, someone at Hasbro might see it, and then well.

    10,000 Customers for a sound track, hell charge only 9.99 for it, 99,900 in the bank.

    I will say I was hesitant on having this article posted, but for once its not something utterly retarded.

    Plus chaos, chaos is fun.

    • I am flattered that you feel my petition isn’t “utterly retarded”, hah. ^_^;

      Being a major film/TV soundtrack geek myself, there are a *lot* of older, vintage soundtracks being remastered and released on compact disc right now, decades after the fact. Film scores like Die Hard, Back to the Future, Alien, Predator… even some animated TV scores like Batman: The Animated Series and the 2011 Thundercats. The costs and expenses involved in licensing, finding the music masters, remastering, and manufacturing means the CDs are usually printed in limited runs (anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 units based on estimated demand), and priced at $20 a CD (or $25-$30 for 2CD sets). However, in the case of MLP:FiM, the American Federation of Musicians is not involved since none of the music is performed by a real orchestra, so hopefully Hasbro can release a soundtrack in unlimited quantities.

      I certainly exhausted all of my available efforts to try to contact people in Hasbro, to no avail… this petition is more or less my last resort.

      • If there’s ever an MLP G4 film, though, William Anderson (and Kristopher Gee) deserve(s) a full (real) orchestra.

  • Stereopony

    I’d love to see a MLP:FIM soundtrack! Something I’d definitely bust out the cash for.

  • ponytime

    sigh… petitions…

    I still await the day when the Internet wises up and realizes that online petitions are absolutely, a complete waste of time, are almost always universally ignored outright by any and all companies (most of whom never even so much as gaze upon them), and really just serves as an avenue of entitlement and blind hoping than it is any real legitimate form of change or taking meaningful action of any kind.

    Petitions are meaningless. They do nothing, the change nothing they effect nothing, and the amount to nothing other than essentially wasting the effort that could be put towards the only thing that companies really care about: Money and profit.

    As much as the starry-eyed, blind idealists and entitled, naive super-fans will hate to hear this…. a petition never made anything ever truly happen, (even though like Project Rainfall, any unrelated successes they enjoy, they always somehow equate to the petition having worked, even though the petition had nothing to do with it).

    Flat-out, companies do not find money in a bunch of useless signatures. They care about proven results, well-established track records of past marketing driven achievements, and how much product supply and demand warrents taking the risk of making money and not losing money.

    If you’re thinking of signing this useless petition, don’t waste your time.

    Go buy more Pony DVD’s. If you have the DVD’s, buy more Pony toys. If you have enough toys, go buy more Pony T-Shirts.

    The hard truth of the matter is, Hasbro doesn’t care about what you want until you’ve given then enough money to justify the risk of producing a CD.

    • ponytime

      P.S: Trust me, petitions will always fall on deaf, and locked ears. Just ask the fans of the video game Earthbound. A comminity that rivals even the MLP G4 brony fandom in sheer passion and devotion. And they’ll tell you in specific and well-documented detail how far their extraordinary efforts of attempting to change the companies mind and have their voices heard for over a decade, have worked out for them.

      They’ve created thousands of tributes, flooded the offices of the producers with lavish and extravagant gifts, professionally printed hardcover appreciation books, emails, cards, poems, songs, posters, ect. And to this day, there’s never been the slightest bit of evidence that the company ever did anything with these gifts other than have a front office clerk sweep them into a dumpster.

      You can only imagine how a simple virtual list of typed names compares to that.

      Buy merch. Hasbro has made their entire raison d’tre off of this one golden rule of merchandizing, since their inception. It’s the only thing they’ll listen to, after it gets filtered through 20 other executives, and brought up at semi-annual meetings. Petition signatures might as well be footsteps in a desert.

      • Citrus Rain

        Darn. I thought this year’s increase in stuff marketed towards us (compared to last year where there was barely anything to buy) was proof of them caring.

    • I could show you tons of petitions on Change.org (admittedly not about fan-related things) that have been extremely successful. Petitions for changes of laws and recognition of different groups. Sure, fandom-related petitions might have an unlucky history, but the way you worded things made it seem like no petitions (of any kind) ever work.

    • Yeah, that petition to get Trayvon Martin’s killer prosecuted didn’t work. Neither did the petition to get the MPAA to change its movie rating on Bully from R to PG-13.

      Granted, those are more notable causes than getting a soundtrack album released, but those changes happened primarily because people started petitions on Change.org. They believed in a cause, that change was needed, and they recruited people for those causes that in the end became successful.

      Let me explain why I started this petition in the first place.

      I have three e-mail addresses for departments / people inside Hasbro (all of which I’ve included in the petition). I attempted to reach them all long before I had the thought of rebooting this petition (the original one I had made back in April 2011 on PetitionOnline). One of those contacts, Hasbro customer service, told me my inquiry about a soundtrack was more suitable for The Hub and that I should ask them instead. So I went to The Hub and asked them as well (both sites have the same e-mail address tied to each other). They told me that “information regarding a soundtrack isn’t available at this time”, and that “we’ve forwarded your concerns to the appropriate people”. It was the *exact same* standard response I’ve gotten in the past, just about *every single time* – and believe me, I’ve e-mailed them at least two or three times over the past year and a half, and I had also sent one physical, typed letter to Hasbro Corporate in Rhode Island over a year ago, with dismal results.

      If they’ve “forwarded” my concerns to upper management, as they’ve been telling me since I started writing to customer service over a year ago… why hasn’t there been at least an *acknowledgement* from Hasbro Studios that they’re working on a soundtrack album? I’m aware of the comments made at NYCC (which I have addressed in my Tumblr post: http://senn555.tumblr.com/) – but if there’s evidence that a soundtrack is being worked on, I either have not heard about it or perhaps I’ve forgotten about it. I certainly wish I had evidence, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this petition in the first place.

      My other two contacts, even though I e-mailed them last week on Sunday night, and again last Wednesday evening (I specifically told both of them I would be starting this petition with their e-mail addresses being used come Monday evening), did not respond to me at all. I was told that Hasbro is currently restructuring their PR department; I can understand taking a day or two to respond to an e-mail, but not responding to a potential customer inquiry after one full week just doesn’t sit well with me.

      When your company’s public relations department is not doing what it’s supposed to be doing, by ignoring potential customer inquiries rather than responding to them truthfully, well… what else is one supposed to do? I’ve exhausted all available avenues to contact anyone I could at Hasbro, with no confirmation, and this petition is my last resort. A simple “yes, we’re working on a soundtrack, but please bear in mind it likely won’t be available for x number of months/years” would have sufficed enough. To at least see *something* from them is all I’m asking for. Some kind of verbal / written acknowledgement – I don’t care if the soundtrack comes out next week or in five years. It really isn’t that hard to make some kind of *truthful* written or verbal statement. But myself and a significant portion of the brony fandom would at least like to hear from Hasbro that they hear our concerns and that they would (at the very least) confirm that a soundtrack is being produced.

      If all companies care about is money and profit, why isn’t Hasbro (to my knowledge) taking the sales of all of the brony / MLP merchandise they’re releasing and saying “hey, why don’t we try putting out the music from the show for them to buy up? This fanbase seems large enough to warrant it, let’s make some money out of it!” Why don’t they listen to and consider consumer demands, as their public relations department should at least try to do, and acknowledge that they’re looking into it, and then subsequently announce that “yes, we’re doing a soundtrack, but please be patient”?

      As it stands right now, your suggestion to tell everyone to buy pony DVDs / toys / T-shirts doesn’t tell Hasbro anything about the demand of a soundtrack release. All it does is tell them there’s a demand for more DVDs / toys / T-shirts. How would they prove results that releasing soundtracks works if they haven’t done it?

      A petition signature also takes 5-10 seconds to fill out and sign, so it’s really NOT a “waste of time” as you put it.

      I’m sorry you don’t wish to support a soundtrack release.