Hot Topic has the Fluttershy and Dr. Whooves Funko Vinyls up for preorder at $16.50 each.

They each come in a translucent sparkly variant, which was seen in the Instagram picture. You have a 4% chance of your figure being the variant. Dr. Whooves also comes in a green or red tie variety at a rate of 50/50, so it seems that it’s possible to get a red OR green tied clear variant, meaning there will be four Dr. Whooves to get, at a rate of 2% for clear of one tie color and 48% for an opaque of a single tie color.

Clear variants are expected to have a much higher second-market value, though how they’ll be put up on shelves in stores is currently unknown. I wouldn’t be surprised if some show up at a local Hot Topic near you, but they probably won’t stick around for long. Right now the only way to get them is via online preorder.

Hot Topic also has some coupon codes you can use, too, if you plan on picking up a bunch of them.

$15 off $30: F4YUJ8TB or AEM8HY4U
$30 off $60: BH2WB7V3
$60 off $120: DY2MU5WC
$75 off $150: E9WGU5WL

Codes are good until January 27.

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