Tinrobo on the MLP Arena found this girl on Taobao.

Compare to the prototype we saw on Taobao two years ago.

The cutie mark has been simplified, the eyes have been changed pink and are one color, the body color has been tweaked to be more blue and the white of the hair has been removed.

It’s possible that this is simply a test pony, but the new cutie mark design is an interesting find.

Minty was a popular character during G3. A pony who collected socks and was rereleased often during Christmas, she was dropped when Hasbro whittled the characters down to the core 7. Bringing her back for G4 would be a huge nod towards fans of older gens.

Minty has so far had a blind bag, but otherwise have been absent in G4.

  • Carolina A Leo

    Judging by the new one, she’ll be one of the 30th anniversary Playful Ponies Holiday Edition.

  • A true nod to older fans would be to find away to bring back Firefly, Posey, maybe a G1 style applejack, etc.