New Merch: Vinyls, Brushables, Clocks

Multiple small updates here. First is a figure of a filly found on Taobao, shared by Oak23 on tumblr. She’s an earth pony in the walking pose with a hot-pink body and mint green and white mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a piece of spearmint candy. She looks pretty unique, though her hair is very similar to Lyra’s.

Next is a Tweet from Hot Topic

We’ve already mentioned how Pinkie and Lyra were possible vinyl, but now we have confirmation that they will be wave 3. Seth over from EqD also asked Hot Topic if Trixie was going to be released, and she’s on a list of possible future toys. No word on who else is in the works other than Vinyl and Octavia.

Finally, Zeon of the United Kingdom has FiM timepieces. There’s an alarm clock and digital watches.

[Source: EqD]

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