Chibi Alicorn Twilight by MagnaStorm

Chibi Alicorn Twilight by MagnaStorm

Reliable as ever, Entertainment Weekly has again published their teaser of the upcoming episode.

Watch it after the break and—OMC! Look who filly Rainbow Dash is with!

Citius, Altius… Ponius?

That motto could probably use some work. In the meantime: The Equestria Games are afoot! (Ahoof?)

In this week’s episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, the Mane Six find themselves on a mission to help the once-cursed Crystal Empire win the honor of hosting a prestigious athletic competition. One of them is particularly determined to achieve this goal — as voice actress Ashleigh Ball explained to EW during our interview,  “Rainbow Dash, she’s especially nervous because when she was a filly, Cloudsdale had the opportunity to have the Games there — and it didn’t quite work out. So she’s really desperate to see the games happen in the Crystal Empire.” See how a tiny Rainbow Dash responded to the agony of defeat in this exclusive clip:

 Also, GetGlue:

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