Like a Discord by Leibi97

Like a Discord by Leibi97

The My Little Pony YouTube channel has just published a fresh preview of the upcoming episode.

Watch it after the break.

Princess Celestia tasks the ponies with reforming Discord, a mischievous spirit of disharmony, but Fluttershy is the only pony willing to give him a chance. Guest starring John de Lancie.

Oh, and there’s also the new GetGlue sticker.


And now there’s also a screenshot directly from The Hub (also on Twitter).


  • I suppose that Princess Celestia has learned of an imminent threat to all of Equestria which she needs Discord’s advice and/ or help to deal with, in order to preeserve the sanctityy of the realm… ? I can’t quite figure out why she needs bring a captive(already in the form of a stone statue) to a remote clearing on its own horsedrawn chariot otherwise. I hear Fluttershy(voiced by Ms. St. Germain, I think) is just about the only one who supports the rehabilitation of Discord(voiced by John de Lancie). I also think he deserves a chance to reform, and maybe he really could help by warning Princess Celestia of nearby threats to her kingdom in future episodes. I really KNOW Rainbow Dash won’t like giving Discord a second chance, but sometimes in order to be fair with everyone we have to let them try to be nice. And if this works out, JUST MAYBE there will be a Royal Commision for Rarity to make a suit for Discord as an associate officer of the Royal Guard.

  • Lynkis

    Maybe she actually is capable of feeling remorse?