This is an interesting find. The Sweet Sounds Hairbrush set comes with a hairbrush for children to use, which plays music and Pinkie’s voice clips. It also comes with a brush for the included Pinkie Pie figure. She looks very much like a playful pony brushable, only with hair tinsel and blue markings on her legs. The eBay seller, though, was kind enough to also include this photo.

The included Pinkie Pie is larger than a playful pony, but the seller mentions that it’s not as large as a fashion style. This means that Hasbro made a new mold for this, but this is the first news as to a “medium” rooted hair pony. She’s all wrapped up in her packaging, too, which means that it wouldn’t be too long until we see these in stores.

[Source: eBay]

This bonus pack was also found over on Taobao. It’s going to be a foreign release (note the multiple languages saying “Extra pony”), and this seems to be a common habit in Euro G4 releases. It comes with a Twilight Sparkle and Ploomette playful pony singles with some accessories, both clamshelled onto a single card.

[Source: MLP Arena]

  • Anonymous

    She seems to have some freaky huge legs. And there’s…writing?…on them. Other than that, looks good.

  • Gengii

    Looks like Hasbro has been drawing inspiration from their previous generations, such as with that Pinkie Pie with extra markings coming from the “Twice-as-Fancy” ponies from G1. Tinsel I think was introduced somewhere in G3.

    I hope Hasbro hasn’t marketed themselves into a corner. They seem used to having bazillions of ponies to choose from, or able to create an entirely new one to use in whatever new idea they have. Now, it seems they’re struggling a bit to focus on the main six and other show ponies, resulting in lots of re-releases of products with very little modification of the original as opposed to the usual variety, similar to their struggle with the core 7 line.

    I think the biggest question is whether or not the show has truly eclipsed the toy-line. Are they still creating an original toy-line, or are they now just making merchandise for a popular TV show? I know there was a recent decision to more closely integrate the show at toy-line together, but in which way will it go? When the G4 line first started, their were several other ponies outside of the main six, but by now that number seems to be dwindling. It doesn’t seem that Hasbro will be able to support both without having an inconsistent public image of their product.

    • Kitty

      Names of My Little Ponies have to go through some process in order to have it “legalized “and not copyrighted from something. For example, hasbro don’t own many of the G1 pony names anymore like Bon Bon… although many FiM fans call the current G4 pony that, hasbro doesn’t own that name anymore so that’s why her official name is ‘Sweetie Drops ‘. So knowing this, this can also come into play why hasbro keep releasing the Mane 6