No comment.  The trailer (which is located on the sidebar in the source article, in case you have trouble finding it) will likely have some spoilers, naturally, so it’s best avoided if you care.  Alternatively, you can find (fake) footage after the break, as well as an embed of the trailer from NYTimes.

The new property will get the red-carpet treatment when it premieres as a full-length animated feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival in June. The movie, created by Hasbro Studios, the company’s production division, will then be released in more than 200 theaters nationwide; its trailer will start appearing in theaters on Wednesday.


Equestria Girls offers an opportunity to build on that [girls’ category rose 23 percent over the past year] growth, said Michael Vogel, vice president for development at Hasbro Studios. “This is a bold new direction,” he said.

My Little Pony – Equestria Girls Trailer in 1080p

  • TailsFox88

    Will I watch it? Probably.
    Will I like it? Not looking promising at the moment. :S

  • I think it looks cute! Also, is the villain Sunset Shimmer? The new brushable everyone was freaking out about?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because everyone saw her box quote and assumed that she had a part in EG or S4.
      They were right about her being in EG.

      But, McCarthy has said that Shimmer is not in S4, so she is an EG-only character.

      • Scoot

        She’s the one who steals the crown?

        • Anonymous

          I’d assume so. She’s the one with the toy box description of, “knows a magical path to faraway adventures.”

  • Scoot

    I guess Hasbro saw all the humanized pony art.

    Ah well. I’ll catch it on he Hub airing. Sounds like the regular voice cast and its still DHX, yes? That’s why season 3 was truncated? So at least it’ll be easy on the eyes and ears.

    Anyone know who wrote it?

    • TailsFox88

      Megan McCarthy according to the article. Which is honestly the reason I’m willing to give it a chance.

      • Scoot

        Hmm. That’s promising then.

  • Scoot

    The scene where she tries to eat the apple like she’s still a pony was kind of funny, I admit.

  • Ethan

    So is this just a movie or is it a Tv show

    • Anonymous

      spin-off movie with limited theatrical run and DVD release

  • fuckingshit

    I CAN’T

    • Anonymous

      this is an alternate universe
      the mirror is a portal to it
      it’s separate from S4
      calm your tits

      • Anonymous

        nothing worse than agitated tits

        • Scoot

          Rustled jimmies? :-)

      • Scoot

        It’s like some people have seen or heard nothing up until this trailer, or are blind somehow to all the mentions of how it’s a movie and a theatrical release. Typical extreme brony behavior that sullies us all. I’m sure he went from here to go make threats on some random deviant artists site.

        • Anonymous

          >sullies us all
          I kind of agree
          but anyone who judges a very large group from a smaller section of individuals in that group is pretty stupid
          besides this isn’t the first fandom to freak out over a spin off that changes a lot of shit from the original,

          won’t be the last either

  • Anonymous

    This looks mind-numbingly awful. For shame, Hasbro and DHX.

    • Scoot

      Have you seen all the humanized pony art? When I go looking for a new pony desktop, half the image search results are humanized. That is what hasbro is reacting to. DHX has no executive says, so lets try and learn from past brony debacles and not scattershot blame all over the surface of the earth.

      • Fett101

        Maybe you’re just bad at Google? For example, there’s currently 18,458 images with the tag “Humanized” on Derpibooru out of 278,563 images total. That’s only 6% of the images there.

        • Fett101

          Addendum, this is just an attempt to compete with the Monsters High dolls anyway. Nothing at all to do with what the fans want.

        • Scoot

          LOL. Bad at google. Whatever you say, tough guy.

      • Manic

        I also see a ton of art for the fanfic “Cupcakes” yet I don’t see Hasbro making a movie about it.

      • Anonymous

        Bullcrap, you have way too much faith in Hasbro. They give us little nods, but they would never give us a whole series just for us. And I don’t really blame them. This was just ripping off Monster High.
        Also, most fanart of humanized ponies give them actual skin tones and don’t make them look like anorexic freaks.

  • Scoot

    Here ya go

    Well, they turned lead into gold before…

  • Anonymous

    I have about as much respect for Hasbro and DHX now as they seem to have for themselves and the show they’ve created. Which is somewhere close to zero. Reading their tweets in the last few hours have made that fact very clear.

    • Jody Morgan

      Care to share some of those tweets which reveal a lack of self-respect on the part of anyone at DHX?

  • Well at least they got rid of the wings/horns/face cutie marks. The character designs look much better than the concept art.

  • Neutralia

    All I know is my gut says maybe…


  • Anonymous

    Is Derpy in it?

    • Scoot

      I google eyed girl somewhere in the background would rock.

  • Shiek927

    The nice thing about DHN is that it’s not filled with a thousand comments, it’s actually easy to get your voice out.

    This trailer was honestly kind of enjoyable…I’ve always had an open-minded viewpoint on EQ — no, if I had my way, this wouldn’t have come about in the first place, but it’s already here, and we all definitely could benefit from keeping an open-mind about something we’ve never seen before, then ranting about how the series has jumped the shark, which is ridiculous.

    The animation is kind of funny….I’ll probably get used to it, but it’s just funny — It certainly looks better then the concept art we’ve seen before, but everything just looks…weird: I wish I could say something more then that. I probably just haven’t gotten used to it yet.

    Spike being a dog….ugh, I’m not surprised – they could have made him a little brother (son, I doubt they’d go *that* route), but it would open up too many questions that I doubt they would want to go into. It certainly doesn’t portray his character in a good way *at all*, but I can’t say that I’m surprised.

    I wish I could recognize more characters…we see Snips and Snails trying to get the crown (no GP&T? I was hoping she’d be the rich popular snobby girl here or something XD), Vinyl is obvious…but no more ponies that I recognize :(. The boy in blue is most likely Shining Armor, though if Twilight eventually becomes the Prom Queen, it *would* be weird she were with her brother….makes me wonder if she’ll start to like this guy, leaves, and meets with his pony version back in Equestria.

    The biggest surprise was Sunset Shimmer, as the human villain presumably….however, if it *is* her, it makes me wonder: how is she still in High School? Even if she were directly Celestia’s last apprentice, it’s been at least 20 years or so since then….then again, the idea that Twilight herself is integrating so swiftly into High School maybe that she herself isn’t in college-aged like some believe. When it comes to age, it’s probably one of those pedantic things we aren’t supposed to think on too much…still, something I noticed. In any case, hopefully there is a satisfying reason for her being there for so long.

  • Claymore

    It was a lot better than I expected it to be. It’s very stereotypical for a substandard girl’s show, but I think I will watch it out of pure curiosity. Will I like it? There’s always a possibility.

  • Battra

    If they don’t have human Lyra acting like a Pony I’m calling shenanigans.