Nicole Oliver on a trunk of sorts

Nicole Oliver on a trunk of sorts

Woohoo! Nicole Oliver has been interviewed again! This time not by Dennis Daniel but by Cameron Miquelon of 33 avenue Miquelon, who also interviewed Tabitha St. Germain in April. (Thanks for the heads-up to The Round Stable!)

In each interview she proves anew what a great choice it was to cast her for Celestia (and Cheerilee), and to someone who’s growing more and more fond of the mantra of Love and Rationality, her strive to “keep balance, perspective, and your sanity” sounds very exciting. To those who listened to Dennis Daniel’s interview, this answer will ring familiar:

Why do you do what you do for a living?

Oliver: Growing up, I was going to be a lawyer, but my parents encouraged me to follow my artistic passions as well as my academics. They always said the worst thing would be to have to ask yourself “what would have happened IF?” Even though I have a Bachelors and a Masters degree, I am proud to be able to list Actress on my tax return year after year.

Now, chop chop, head over there and read it in full.

  • Thank you again for promoting one of my profiles of FiM’s VAs! :)

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