Nicole Oliver Interviewed on the Dennis Daniel Show

Bron-Icons: Guests of Honor by Tim-Kangaroo

Bron-Icons: Guests of Honor by Tim-Kangaroo

After Cathy Weseluck and Trevor Devall, Dennis Daniel has now interviewed Nicole Oliver! The actual, good recording is going to go up in a few days or weeks I would expect (probably here), but I have ripped the stream, so you can listen to it right away. Not even a week and the recording is up. You can find it here (and on the aforelinked YouTube account).

They talked about, believe it or not, voice acting, but she also leaked that she’ll be at Everfree NW for one day, that season 3 is “not going to disappoint,” and a few more tidbits.

By the way, the Twilight at the beginning was of course voiced by Rina-chan!

Looking for an image for this post I noticed that there is a severe dearth of pictures of Nicole Oliver’s OC. Please fix that.

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