by *saturnspace

Seems yesterday, Notch (the bearded fellow behind Minecraft) put a challenge up to the Humble Brony Bundle group who has been raising money for the Humble Indie Bundle (4).  The basic challenge issue by Notch was for the HumbleBrony group to out donate him, and if so, he’d have to watch several episodes of the show.   Obviously the fandom beat Notch out by about $500 bucks.

Last update on the donations (found via the HumbleBrony blog) puts HumbleBrony at $9,001.00 with Notch trailing in at $8,542.00.

In reply via twitter from Notch: Awesome!!  I guess I’ll have to watch a few episodes now, as promised.

Current total of donations is at $15,488 as of noon EST today.

Also back on November 25th, Notch did tweet saying that “of course he was a brony”, but in context he was more or less messing around with someone on twitter.  Article post is here.

We now return you to your pony drought.

  • MandoPony

    This is a good thing.

  • Krystal

    @HumbleBrony is up to $14,238.27 at the moment…

    FOR CHARITY!!!!!!!

  • Daisymare

    I'm proud to be brony.

  • Bakufreak

    Me too. For the herd!

  • Mason


  • TG

    Oh wow.