NY Daily News & Toonzone – Season Finale Reviews

Derpy Launch Watch by Shutterflye

A couple of season finale reviews have cropped up in the past 24 hours—all these guys who got that fancy press package that some people have drooled over.

Our first review comes from David Hinckley of the NY Daily News, who gave the episodes in general a 3 out of 5. He is pretty positive about it, and explains of course the unusual crowd of adult fans behind it. All in all, he says it’s good. You can read that article here.

Then we have Maxie Zeus from Toonzone. This review I’d call 50/50, as it’s not overly positive nor negative (in my opinion). The article starts off more or less stating that the reviewer knows very little about MLP. It makes no mention about the community behind it. They call the script generic, but most of us know that tends to be the case sometimes, claiming that the script could be used for any cartoon. Either way, you can read this article over here on Toonzone. (Ironic, a site called Toonzone knows nothing about a cartoon…)

[Sources: NYDaily: The Round Stable | Toonzone: RGB]

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