If you are going to be at New York Comic Con (October 11th – 14th) and have been collecting the exclusive MLP Trading Cards, namely the rare ones they’ve handed out at previous conventions (Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy), then you are in luck, as they will be handing out an exclusive Incidental Grey Pegasus #481 cards, aka Derpy Hooves. Along with the cards they have two villain posters that measure about 24×36. All of this can be found by visiting their booth (Number 957), or you can wait until they appear on eBay for an outrageous price.

[Source: EqD]

  • Brendan Danieli

    Is it just me or is the length & width ratio for the Derpy card different than the others…?

  • I see Derpy on all three of those cards :P

  • I’d trade my RD mint for a Derpy. Never gonna happen though ._.

  • StereoPony454

    Wish Enterplay would sale their promos on their online store would be a nice way for those unable to go to cons (be it for Financial &/or health related issues) to get one. A man can dream…a man can dream. But yeah would kill to have those posters & Derpy Card(?)

  • playguy

    These are posters, not cards. According to enterplay, the derpy poster is exclusive, the other two are not. They will also be at selling cards at Hasbro pop-up store in NYC at the same time, and will have promo cards on-hand. They said the promo card at NYCC will be a gift with purchase (buy a poster, get a card while supplies last). The card is not shown here and has never been announced or listed on checklist. It’s #F41. They said they will give away “some Rainbow Dash cards each day, but only some.”

  • idontgetit

    These “convention exclusives” are completely pointless. The majority of people who buy them at conventions are scalpers, not collectors. I guess Enterplay just cannot tolerate normal people collecting their collectible cards without paying scalpers hundreds of dollars.

    Get a clue and do it the way Toys R Us did it with Zecora: pre-release it at a convention, then make it available everywhere. Your current system is just making folks angry.

  • Riley

    I want one, but sadly, I’ll have to buy it from people who only get it to make money off it not collect it and save it.