Odds and Ends #4

A bunch of stuff has accumulated since the last Odds and Ends. The puppy waved its red yarn at the nurse girl, and she picked it up.

Find it directly below, since I’m not using a break this time.

  • Peter New is about to host an AMA: “Reddit. Saturday. 3pm Pacific. Peter New & Patrick Gilmore AmA.”
  • There will be an Equestria Girls DVD release (the submitter asks that we credit this thread)
  • And possibly even a limited theatrical release, but many of these listing (possibly all) seem to originate with the same source, so it may be just some sort of weird error.
  • Another site specifies June 15 as release date, which is more than a month before SDCC where Equestria Girls was supposed to be first announced.
  • There’s a Hot Topic commercial that may or may not contain a few seconds of season 4 footage.
  • You can vote for Lauren Faust’s Super Best Friends Forever in a DC Comics poll.
  • Build-A-Bear has a survey going on that also touches on our pony preferences. Protip: Twilight is best pony, and ask them for Derpy. (I’m sure they’ll make Foalpaper’s Davenport plushie anyway, so you can really just ask for Derpy.) Thanks to Iron Brony for this.
  • Not right away obviously, or they’d have to make them all explode and die.
  • This year’s Behind The Voice Actors nominations include Tara Strong, Claire Corlett, Tabitha St. Germain, Nicole Oliver, Scott McNeil, Britt McKillip, and others. Even Friendship is Magic itself is nominated. Congratulations! (And thanks to Jordan.)
  • Polygon wrote a big article about Mane6 and Lauren’s involvement.
  • Bookmark this and remember it in a year when we get to hear the song. Then impress everyone with your knowledge of fandom history.

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