Odds and Ends #6

“If, as occasionally happens, there are two subtitles in the original (an awkward contingency), a colon normally precedes the first and a semicolon the second.” —The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, §14.98

  • Google has added pony Easter eggs to Hangout, as Geek.com reports.
  • Botcon gets an exclusive Transformers-MLP crossover comic cover.
  • Katie Cook is at Motor City Comic Con today, as The Daily Oat reports. Go and meet her!
  • Here are the Q3 2013 results for DHX Media (I wish I knew why they don’t call it Q1). Cantercast informs me that this is due to fiscal year’s not conforming to calender years. Thanks! Since it’s a Canadian company, I then would’ve expected it to run from April 1 to March 31 of the next year, but that doesn’t add up either. Oh well.
  • Vectored Thrust again reminds us to remind you to say #ThankYouDHX.
  • There will be a black and white reprint of the first edition of the comic (so people can learn to appreciate Heather Breckel’s coloring work). Thanks to RealZero for the submission (but it had popped up minutes earlier on our spy satellites anyway).
  • Have a look at some script pages, in case you weren’t at Equestria LA or missed them.
  • A new, mysterious (probably Equestria Girls) blu-ray is on the horizon. Originally slanted for “August,” the title now just says “fall,” but the date “August 6, 2013” has remained unchanged. Here an additional source from blu-ray.com. Breaking news: The blu-ray.com listing now shows the title “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Blu-ray,” so Equestria Girls confirmed!
  • One of Steffan Andrews’s songs has been cut from Equestria Girls. Bugger. But Daniel Ingram approves of the trailer song, which is not his work. Furthermore, Mr. Andrews might or might not have scored another episode.
  • Finally congrats to Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews for their Leo Award nomination for the score of Magical Mystery Cure. Congrats also to Marcel Duperreault, Todd Araki, Jason Fredrickson, and Adam McGhie for “Best Overall Sound” in Sleepless in Ponyville. More congrats to all the other nominees; here a few of those we know: Sam Vincent (Slugterra), Lee Tockar (Slugterra), Andrew Francis (Slugterra), Shannon Chan Kent (Slugterra), Vincent Tong (Yoga Town). Who did I forget?
  • Shiek927

    Given that MMC was *all about* the music, Ingram and Andrews had better have won that award — congratulations to the both of them.

    Sleepless in Ponyville had wonderful music, especially with Princess Luna – congratulations to everyone!

  • No problem on the little bit of help. I do what I can to help the brony community.