Official Hasbro plushies

Okay, I’ll admit, I know very little about these. I just stumbled across them (I’ve been too busy to actively seek out new products). These plushies are indeed official and were found at a Target in Alaska. They’re around 5″ tall (and look strangely similar to the Fashion Style ponies of the same height… perhaps the pattern is based directly off that mold?) the three pictured are the only ones known to be available, with no confirmation one way or the other of getting the other three in a later wave.

Release date is set around July 29th if I’m not much mistaken, so keep an eye out! No word on price that I know of.

  • Joey Stull

    Awesome the stuff that usually that gets released Alaska get them really late or never so this is really really cool. Is it in both of the targets or just the Anchorage one. I dont about the one in Wasilla sadly.

  • Anonymous

    They are fucking ugly.

    • supersonic1995


    • Anonymous

      Also agreed. These are absolutely terrible. If they had based them off the show look instead, they’d be a lot better. I doubt they’ll get as many sales with these..things…

  • YoshiAngemon

    They may LOOK ugly, but at least they got the cutie marks RIGHT for once!

  • Anonymous

    The manes/tails are horrible.

  • Sarah

    They aren’t perfect, but they really are an improvement from the other plushies they’ve made.