by Ambris

I’ve been slowpoking it/slumping it pretty hard recently. Normally, I’d be all over this. Better late than never! I noticed all of these over on EqD in like, the past week. Things are gearing up for Christmas/Holiday of Choice!

Costco Art Set

Someone named Friendship Filly found this in the “Costco Connection” Magazine, they will start appearing in early November.

Wrapping Paper

Man, I was all over this last year. I searched EVERYWHERE for some wrapping paper and looks like I was a year too early. You know I’ll be making my entire family uncomfortable opening their presents this holiday season. These can be found at Toy’s R Us

Crystal Ponies

I remember these going for crazy amounts of dollars on Ebay, iirc like only Canada had these for the longest time. Now they’re at Toys R Us! Kinda feel bad for those who bought them at auction prices now… anyways someone named J Powers sent them that and only Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are available in this keychain/crystal style at the moment

Twilight Sparkle Blanket

There was a blanket that launched with the Canterlot Modular in Target stores but it was a Celestia version, now you can get the Twilight Sparkle version and lose feeling in your feet because these smaller blankets of the same material are super thin and better off as decoration than anything. Rags sent that one in.

Well, that about covers it! I hope to be on the ball on this as the Holiday season opens it’s floodgates

 Magazine Posters

Whoops! I forgot to mention some Posters that came in the “Sparkle World” magazine, it’s the official vectors we’ve seen all over the merchandise so far but they seem to be of Decent size. I don’t know what issue they were in but this is one I would suggest ordering online instead of hunting one down in your local magazine rack.Cudpug found these

  • Tranquil

    Oh wow, I was so close to dropping some money on one of those auctions for the crystal ponies, but the bids went a bit too high for me. Looks like I'll get a chance to buy them after all.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the wrapping paper, I must know.

  • plaster

    oh no! i forgot to mention that, they said Toy's R Us for that, thanks for letting me know

  • madcow