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Well folks, welcome to the off season. I do believe this is going to be the thing we talk about all off season. According to the DHN survey, roughly 800 out of 950 people feel this is a good idea. The other group got called pessimistic buttheads via the comment section, and indeed we are. But I personally don’t stamp a judgement on anything until I see it, so we shall wait and see.

Coderbrony has sent us over a press release concerning the matter, as the previous articles about the project have more or less been from secondary sources (Phoe on EqD and me here). So here we have it……..straight from the horses mouth. The original post from a week ago can be found here.

The Brony Thank You Project has finalized the script for the ad that will run on the Hub, and it has been sent to Hub Standards and Practices for clearance. In it’s final form, it drastically cuts back on the number of repetitions of “We are the bronies”, changes the end title card to suggest donations to a charity (still being decided) to show appreciation for the show, and in general improves the language of the ad thanks to helpful suggestions from contributors participating in the forum.
Once the script is approved by the Hub, we’ll be opening up the submission process, and sending out details on how interested bronies can become part of the ad. Selections will be made based on video and audio quality of the submission, as well as how well the brony (male or female) represents a role model for the community. The message we want to send is: even if you grow up to be a firefighter / soldier / doctor / businessperson, you can still like a show such as My Little Pony. Also be aware that we’ll be conducting routine background checks on anyone selected to be featured in the ad.
(Its of good size, the rest behind the page break).
We hope to have a rough cut by BronyCon to show.
In addition, MLP Background Music Composer WIlliam Anderson has agreed to assist in the production of the score for the advertisement, once we have selected a composer to create it.
The final decision that has been made is to draw the line at a 10 spot run during a week of prime time leading up to the MLP season opener in the fall, and donate all funds beyond that to the chosen charity. The estimated cost, including printing and mailing posters to the contributors who selected that perk, and other production costs, is around $14,000. This leaves around $1,500 left to collect in order to fully fund the 10 spot run. If we want to make a donation to charity in addition, we’ll need funds on top of that.
Finally, we’re still looking for an artist to draw the art print that we’ll be giving out to donors. If you’re interested, contact Coder Brony at
The current shooting script reads:
Hi, we’re bronies. We’re fans of My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, 
and we’d like to say thanks. Thank you to Hasbro and the Hub for 
creating such a fantastic show. Thanks to DHX Media and all the
animators for making it so beautiful to watch. To the voice actors 
and singers for bringing the characters to life. To the composers 
for creating such wonderful music. And to Lauren Faust and the 
writers for bringing a little more honesty, loyalty, laughter, 
generosity, kindness and magic into the world.
Coder Brony
Demographer By Appointment to her Majesty Princess Celestia
  • Anonymous

    It’s a cartoon, not a religion.

    This whole thing is so unnecessary and so stupid. Why not just send emails to the show staff thanking them for their work?

    • Spaghet

      Or how about using that 14k to actually do something for the staff like the Bronyville Breakfast is trying to do. Think of the party you could throw with that money!

      Nah. Buying ten ad spots to put bronys on TV is a much better “thank you”.

  • Anonymous

    Well, it’s been fun guys. I’m off to kill myself now.

  • I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this.

    On one hand, I have no doubt that the organizer’s hearts are in the right place. Certainly we’re all incredibly thankful to the folks making and producing the show.

    That said…the whole idea of making a commercial about bronies seems self-indulgent to me. It does seem like there are far better and more meaningful ways to say thanks to DHX and Hasbro without throwing money at a commercial and I fear it may come off as “HEY LOOK AT US!”

    I also see problems with idea of vetting who is and who isn’t a proper representative of the “community.” Trust me, I realize this is entirely necessary, but it still seems bound to create controversy and negative feelings.

    • Anonymous

      It’s definitely self-indulgent. It’s all about congratulating the fanbase, not thanking/congratulating the people who actually work on the show.

  • Njiska

    I have to agree with Pixel. Their heart is in the right place, but I’m worried about how this will make the community look. It’s certainly a grand gesture, but I’d rather spend my money doing something to directly reward the guys at the Hub and DHX instead of shameless self promotion. I’m also concerned about the message being sent by saying, “We love you guys, you’re awesome” and then throwing up a random charity for donation. It doesn’t tie together at all.

    Still, if Anderson is on board than at least we know one person involved with the show thinks this is a good idea. Maybe it just needs more revision and evaluation. Either way as it stands right now this is not something I can financially support.

  • Citrus Rain

    Pessimistic buttheads?
    I’d rather be compared to the Flower Trio.

    I still think this is a bad idea. And I assume the majority that says it’s a good idea might be teenagers that don’t fully understand the world. Probably from Facebook. (No offense to those that don’t reinforce the common perception of it’s users.)

  • Anonymous

    I’m not reading this.

  • Anonymous

    Not as cringe worthy, but still leaves me a bit concerned.

  • DemonioBlanco

    this is not going to end well if it happen.
    i dont think this is a good idea.

  • NZBrony

    I still think it’s a bit of a good idea. Though perhaps a youtube tribute and 10k of gifts for the staff would have worked better?
    Not entirely sure there, but it’s certainly possible for it to work well or blow up in their (and all of our) faces.

  • NZBrony

    (that said, if it doesn’t go well, it’ll alienate a few americans at worst. Rest of the world’s bronies should be A-ok.)

  • Anonymous

    No sir, I do not like it at all.

  • Folly

    I just wish they’d use that immense amount of money to do something… you know… tangible. If I were staff I sure as hell would be a lot more ~thanked~ by like, a cake or something instead of an ad. And a cake would probably be cheaper anyway, then the rest could go to charity, or like, I dunno, something this didn’t present so many problems with the only good points being things that could be achieved just as easily some other way.

  • As a personal update, I actually had the chance to speak with Coder last night, and based on the professionalism and experience he and his team are bringing to the project, I truly believe this project is in good hands.

    I was nervous and feeling a bit iffy because of the sheer number of either insincere or OVERLY sincere, long on enthusiasm and short on skill, talent, funding, or stability.

    These guys can do it. They’ve dealt positively with both our community, Hasbro/Hub, and DHX. They know what they’re doing and I really believe that the way they’re approaching this IS going to be a good thing for all involved.

  • Derpy

    Women are not Bronies….We are Pegasisters.

    • Depends in what neighborhood you stand in, I’ve heard plenty of females say they are bronies and not pegasisters. Around here, we don’t use any of those terms.

  • PoniesIsAwesome

    Self-indulgent, eh?

    Ah yes, a fanbase publicly chipping in their own donated money to buy mere time on a brief tv ad spot for the purpose of thanking the creators who make the show they enjoy, and stating in no uncertain terms just how their own fanbase wouldn’t even be around if it weren’t for said creators.

    Oh dear. How absolutely self-indulgent and selfish that is.

    Clearly, depriving the world of about 60 total seconds of temporary Tide detergent ads is going to bring about the end of civilization as we know it.

    Damn all of us terrible, selfish, horrible people using our own freely donated personal funds to deliver what is essentially a “thank you Hasbro” ad on Hasbro’s own station. We’re all so evil, we should be sent straight to hell. We’re all worse than Hitler.

    Obviously. I mean, totally, right?

    Surely it’s the appreciative fans that simply donate their own money to a large version of a Thank You note that creates the REAL problem here, and not that once again, the negative, hateful, incessantly whiny, bitter, and jaded minority pop up to embarrass the fandom’s better half by trying to pool all their resources into doing nothing but whining, bitching, and trying to bite the head off their own fandom.

    Clearly, it’s the bitter, whiny, self-abusive, lazy, two-faced, vicious snapping, dog-chewing-their-own-leg-off side of the fandom which contributes nothing but throwing tantrums, that are totally gonna lead us to the promised land of good public relations, right?

    So, ok, pessimistic buttheads? How does it feel to take something wonderful and take a steaming crap all over it? Because you’re doing an admirable job.

    And yet, you people still wonder why ludicrous incidents like Derpygate and the Bronycon administrator fallout happens to us.

    • Personally I wouldn’t compare this to Derpygate or even Bronycon. Derpygate was a change to the show itself. Bronycon was a bunch of self important ego freaks creating drama that no one cares about but themselves and a bunch of trolls.

      Personally it pisses me off that people can just toss money at something like this while it could go towards something good, like people who have nothing.