Official Product Shots Roundup

We all love finding new official images of products. We got a couple different ones this time.

First, new blind bag waves!

Purple crystal empire blind bag box

Green pony wedding blind bag box


These were found over on ToyWiz with release dates of November. They seem to belong with Crystal Empire and Pony Wedding lines by the looks of their packaging, and each set contains 24 ponies. It’s hard to see which ponies are contained in each set, as this is there are no high resolution images of this; the ponies do seem to be made of opaque plastic. I think I see magnet pony in the purple set.

[Source: EqD]

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Next are two Crystal Empire playsets.

Twilgiht and Cadence playset

The first features Cadence and Twilight with plastic dresses and accessories. The outfits have holes where you can peg in translucent plastic crystals. It also comes with a mirror with a cup to put the gems in, a comb, barrettes and small accessories.

Fluttereshy and Pinkie bath set

The second set has Pinkie and Fluttershy taking a bath. It comes with a comb, tub, socketing gems, and accessories. The tub and barrettes have holes in them for the gems. They’re both currently listed on Smyth’s Toy’s website, and you can check if you’re local store has them.

[Source: Smyths]

Plastic ornaments

Next are these plastic ornaments made by American Greetings, currently being sold by Toys ‘R Us. They’re online, and should be in stores once the rest of the Christmas stuff comes in.

[Source: EqD]

Fat Twilight plushie

Next is a very fat Twilight plushie being sold on Amazon. utukku sent the link  to mlpg4merch, and the Amazon page seems to be official enough, with the manufacturer listed as Hasbro. This is perhaps why Hasbro feels the need to license plushies to other companies, since they’re not quite good making them on their own.

Rainbow Dash ear plugs

If you’re into stretching your lobes, you’ll be happy to know that Hot Topic has some plugs. There’s multiple sizes available and they’re made out of acrylic, which is technically safe to use, but you can’t sterilize it with alcohol or an autoclave, so do be aware that this isn’t the safest material to be putting into your body. You can check out the product page for more information.

[Source: EqD]

Vinyl Scratch string bag

Toys ‘R Us and ToyWiz have “brony” drawstring bags and a Vinyl Scratch metal lunchbox for sale. They’re officially labeled as brony, too! Check out the source for product pages.

[Source: EqD]

  • Supertide

    The bloated dead Twilight plushie, keep beating her all day.
    The ornaments look nice, too bad they are flat.