The Facebook Fan Page sent this announcement out while I was taking a little nap and I originally missed it.
I’m fairly certain this is what they were telling us to stay tuned for last week.

The channel is offering commercials, a couple music clips and CLIPS of the episodes.
As of now the full episode uploads from our good friends are still up on youtube. BUT, with this I wouldn’t be surprised if they started taking them down, who knows?

They’ve been really nice to us so far, but the parent company might have something to say about it with the Hub as a channel failing to get as many views as they were hoping.

In May, Discovery Communications “amended its agreement with Hasbro Inc. regarding The Hub to revise the license fees paid by The Hub for animated programs,” Discovery said in a filing with the SEC on Monday without specifying the changes. “This amendment creates a trigger event for purposes of intangible asset and goodwill impairment testing.” – Hollywood Reporter

Discovery Communications and Hasbro Co-Own The Hub, it was originally known as Discovery Kids. Discovery recently placed a $500 Million dollar debt filing at the SEC, which leads to Discovery raising the fees Hasbro’s more popular animations pays. They were planning on doing some back-room stock shuffling to help balance the books. Considering our huge untapped market, they might start tightening the strings to help their cause.

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  • jmcconnor

    we gotta help the cause too, bronies! buy season 1 on itunes!

  • Plaster

    i'd personally hold off for the dvd's/blurei