Onch Movement Pony Jewelry

Holy **** that's expensive

Artist Unknown – Click Image for Jeweler’s Page

Tonight on DHN Platinum we bring you three official Fluttershy (or at least what appears to be Fluttershy) necklaces from Onch Movement. Two of them, the pink and silver necklaces, sell for a cool 250USD, while the gold one with a diamond eye goes for a completely reasonable 450USD. Shipping in the US is $6. If you have oodles of money to spend on plushies, perhaps it’s worth your time to take a gander.


  • Arsenal

    The price is ridiculous but they don’t even look that good!

    Ponies in gold just doesn’t look good.

  • How can something so expensive look so cheap?

    • Lol

    • Edwin, Inventer of Classicalobilly Funk

      Probably doesn’t help that they’re only plated.