-Lightning Dust- by KIIWKA

-Lightning Dust- by KIIWKA

Back when Wonderbolts Academy hadn’t yet aired (but had already leaked), Meghan McCarthy announced that the original, scripted ending of Wonderbolts Academy had been different from the actual one in the show. Now—probably after doublechecking that she had the permission—she revealed the two pertaining excerpts from the script. (Images linked to source.)



Thanks to The Round Stable for the heads-up!

  • I think it’s a little out of character for LD to up and give Rainbow her badge like that. Look at the scene right before: she darn near kills the mane six with her recklessness and even after Dashie gets mad her she really doesn’t give a crap. Now, if there was a scene in between the two I think this ending would’ve been infinitely more effective.

    • Yeah, I feel the same way, but I don’t think one scene would’ve sufficed for that sort of character development. They may have needed another whole episode to pull it off at a believable pace. I liked the episode a lot, but I would’ve liked to see Lightning Dust learn her lesson, preferably without harsh penalties.

      • Character that gets severely punished after being showed up by the main character. Now who does that remind me of…

        inb4 S3E5 “Flying Duel”

  • Ponichaeism

    This ending just doesn’t work.

    Lightning Dust’s hubris is off the charts. If anything, getting kicked out of Wonderbolt Academy would just make somepony with her personality type angrier and more resentful.

    Funny, seeing how the single biggest complaint about Merriweather Williams is how she always forces characters to act out of character*, and yet this massively out-of-character scene got cut.

    *Which I don’t agree with, but that’s the word on the street

  • Bubblegum

    I’m guessing they changed the ending because they thought the original felt forced and awkward. Even in a show about friendship, an “oh I’ve spontaneously learned my lesson and will now be a good friend” ending doesn’t always work :P.

    P.S. I actually visit this page regularly, and have never posted before! I should comment more often…

    • Oh yes, please do! :-)

      (@everyone really!)