Otakon Meetup/Photo Shoot picture gallery

I had a great time today! I got my pony swag on today in the artist alley, I promised I would advertise them and I will when I get my bearings.

Tomorrow at 9am there is another photoshoot for those who left early (due to a time mix up) and those who came on time. Maybe we can get a better group shot and some more people in the mix.

Derpysquad set up a photo gallery on the site for the pictures I took, that is here. While StrawberrySpice is making a thread on Ponychan I cannot find it for the life of me.

The meetup is still going as scheduled tomorrow on the 4th floor outside ballroom 3 at 1pm!

to all the new people I met while advertising the site, I hope you stick around and tell your friends. We are in the middle of some construction on Version 3 of the site, so expect things to go crazy on here soon!

I will keep uploading pictures as I get them as well.

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