Well, I had a great time at the first day’s meet-up. 40+ people showed up! I’ll post some of the pictures here as space allows. I also took pictures of the awesome art and fan made stuff in the artist alley, I’ll have to post those at a later time

The stickers went quick, there were applejack spoons and we all sang Winter Wrap Up in the spirit of Friendship. Everyone there was really nice and there were a lot of great cosplayers. Since i don’t know how to do a break in the post when im just borrowing a friends laptop, so i’ll try to keep the pictures to a minimum for now and take care of it more on monday!

THERE WILL BE ANOTHER MEETUP ON SATURDAY 1PM EST SAME LOCATION. (4th floor, 300 number rooms.) THERE WILL ALSO BE A PONY COSPLAY MEETUP TONIGHT AT 9:30PM AND 9:00AM AT THE FOUNTAINS. This is my first time here so there is some confusion on if it’s the ones outside or if there are fountains inside? Help me out here so i can get more pics!

  • Plaster

    my god this is a nightmare post. The layout is ass. I'll fix it when i can, busy busy busy!

  • Anonymous

    What did you people do there just stand around awkwardly? Sorry to sound overly sarcastic but aside from the bronies the/every room looks empty in every pic.

    Oh no, wait I think I see a potted plant in the last pic, never mind. <- sarcasm.

  • Plaster

    That was a hallway

  • Present Perfect

    Someone is dressed as Isaiah Mustafa.

    This is the best thing ever.

  • derpymaths

    that looks pretty chill