Thanks to the Derpy Cosplayer from for this gem.

Great Success! Today twice the amount of people showed up today than there were yesterday. We gave away about $100 dollars in prizes! Strawberry Spice and myself were in the middle of it all with singing and cosplay photo shoots. I am uploading those photos now to the art section on the site in the Otakon 2011 gallery. I am also on the lookout for the videos that have been made today.

We met up with the guy who runs, he mentioned that he has been in touch with Hasbro and the Hub last week at Comic-Con. Right now his site is under construction but they were handing out fliers and stuff with art from an animator on it. Please add that url to your bookmarks and I hope we get to work together with them in harmony for the good of the community. This fanbase is worth it, I’ve learned that quite easily this weekend.

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  • derpymaths

    so jelly

  • Stargazer

    Hey hey, this was the guy with the pinkie pie hat that help add a few toys for the raffle but man was this event a blast. So much fun and so so many people showed up!

    But yea, we made otakon more then 20% cool I say!

  • Alma- Guy with awesome fedora and pony badge army
  • Anonymous

    It took a sec….

    But then I realized he was on a horse…

    Then all was right.

    -the dude in red

  • VioletYoshi

    LoL, yeah I was like "Is he supposed to be the Old Spice Guy?" The one who pwned Fabio recently.