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Final Fantasteed Classic With Lyrics

My Little Soviets: Communism is Magic

I love Russian style music.  Submitted by Zedmastermind.  It’s also the song theme from Tetris.

[MLP-FiM] When Hooves Collide

Another submission from Zedmastermind.

I’ve Got a Theory

Wait….Buffy, the musical?  And I thought it was strange that Spiderman had a musical (if the show ever gets off the ground and spiderman stops getting beheaded by the cables).

PMV – We’ll Meet Again

And much like a radio show that I do, a total change in musical genre.  Old school (and makes me think of Fallout), but as someone said in the comments, a good way to end Season 1.

Fanboy Moment #1: OMG LUNA TOY

OMGOMGOMGOMG. Ok now that that’s over with, Seth got a tip over on the EqD about this one. It looks really good to me, I don’t think we could ask for much better, well except a whiter Celestia. It looks like some of those guys making the toys over in China smuggled a couple out of the plant and are selling them on a foreign Ebay.

There’s more pictures and discussion on the MLP Arena thread.

Also normal sized Celestia? When is that coming out?