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Don’t be hatin, you know you want one.

Hoppip sent this one over, he has assembled a pretty decent looking Parasprite plush. It’s like the perfect size too.

Then there’s the Rarity plush that popped up on EvilSugar’s dA. They mentioned that they are accepting commissions for one of your very own! (Just don’t overwhelm em ok?)

Winter Wrap Up Remix by Dj Cyclops

Submission and Remix by DJ Cyclops.

Fluttershy (Exomix Remix)

Submission by Exofusion who would like your feedback.  From what I could load it sounded good (internet issues on my end) and will definitely check out the whole thing once I kick my computer around some.

PMV – Feeling Good

Golden Dragon has released his 3rd PMV, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic set to Muse’s cover of Feeling Good.

In the comments RIGHT NOW, please answer this question:

Would you like to either see:

A)Me to continue on the current strategy of posting news, as in post with the idea in mind that everyone goes to EqD and act as this is a supplementary news source for things they haven’t posted (yet).


B)Go down a new path with the intention of being a completely alternative source for news, including blatantly ripping (but properly sourcing) news from EqD?

I have heard both sides, some people don’t like going to EqD and there are people like me who visit both religiously.

Once again ANSWER EITHER A OR B IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. Or if you have a different idea of what I should be doing, this is your chance!

Official Hasbro MLP Convention Reporter Request

I would LOVE it if someone that could make it to the convention and record/get the details of the Q&A’s and any other important G4 related news. I would be willing to pay for your entry fee and a little extra on the top for the work. If you are interested, please email me at or through the news reporter feature.

The details of the convention are over here on EqD.

Well it shows how much I am out of the loop, it seems from what I’ve been reading that the Equestria Forums which started a few months ago had end up shutting its doors.  If not mistaken this forum had been started by community member Mocha Delight, who I knew somewhat from the dawning of the fandom.  It seems new life has been given to the forums, along with new ownership.

The Equestria Forums, now found at and being run by Manestream and staff wishes to announce the return of the forums to the community.  So if you’re a member from before, you can find them at and if you’re not an old member, well go check them out anyways.

They also wish to announce a special Gala RP Event that will last a few weeks to celebrate the board moving and re-opening, while also generating some interest and bring back the bronies who once ran around there.

The link on DH will be updated, as at some point I have to do spring cleaning, its been awhile since we’ve checked them all, or even added some, I’m sure there are plenty of sites popping up, such as and others.

Check’em out, I double dog dare you.