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A new pony site in the making, though very operational. is currently building its site and trying to connect with the community, so give a hoof and go check them out.  The general setup is somewhat of a forums, though I see other options such as a Chat Room and a Download Section with sounds, music, wallpaper, comics and images.

They also run Everypony Radio, a livestream channel that runs pony artist music 24/7 and hopefully will be expanding soon to include videos, interviews, broadcasts and other neat stuff.  At some point the radio will get embedded on our front page, once I get some free time (to either do it or ask Jaller our webmaster).

Support your local pony community, and check these guys out.

Google is known for changing their logo, and from time to time they do something weird, such as the entry above.  In the past week at some point the logo was turned into a musical instrument that you could actually play, and a fellow brony (Sedthh) ended up playing Winter Wrap Up on it, its kind of hard to hear, but if you listen, you’ll hear.

There Will Be Apples (Trailer) [Attempt 2]

Okay, I think I got the right one this time.  This was posted earlier in the week, and then I was informed I had posted someone else’s attempt at making this trailer.  This is due to how blogger works, you can’t just simply put in a link, but there’s a button that lets you find it via title on youtube.  That’s what I did, and it was the wrong one.  So here is There Will Be Apples by Haller.

Custom Pony Patches

Sew-On Patches are being sold by a friend that goes by Rann. These bad boys feature the cutie marks of the mane cast, much like the pony pins. (I got mine last week, just thought you guys should know. )

The twist is that that every patch sold includes a $.50 donation to a charity of the buyer\’s choice, which includes: Child\’s Play(default), Ronald McDonald House, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Barrel of Monkeys, Project Night-Night, Convoy of Hope-Joplin Tornado, Architecture for Humanity-Japan, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Quantities are limited to about 50 of each patch, so buyers need to hurry!

Patches are $5 each plus $2 shipping for 10 or less.

Link to the store:
Feedback Thread on Ponychan:

I know I mentioned that i wouldn’t post any videos but…

This remix is too good to pass over.

Celestial Divide – RP Forums

A new Role-Playing forum has popped up from some folks on Deviantart called the “Celestial Divide”. Go create your OC ponies and pretend you’re in Equestria, or whatever it is you crazy kids do nowadays. /old

They also include a section where you can submit your OOC fics and art for feedback and such.


Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (A Rarity PMV)

For the Rarity Fans.