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My Little Pony FiM – Wtf Collective

Another submission from Zedmastermind, I’ve also included the follow up, My Little Pony FiM – Wtf Collective 2.

We no speak equestriano 20% louder version

Something good to start a good saturday morning with.  Its going to be a video day here on DerpyHooves as I got at least 7 more videos from submissions to post, plus a few other things I’ve wanted to get posted.  Who spent their mornings watching ponies?  I know I did.  Submitted by Zedmastermind.

I think I fixed it, but since I don’t frequent the place too often (and even then I do it incognito), you users of DerpyChat can tell me if its running. Seems a touch sluggish. In short I upgraded the system to the newest version (6.21 to 6.22) and it seemed to have cleared up at least what I saw last night. You be the judge.

*Stands Up Silently and Applauds*

Good Show MrYaridovich, I really should get on the synctube again. Its funny too cause I was sitting here thinking about looking up your “What a Cartoon” pony clip from long ago now. And for the fact I attempted the same thing with Floyd, except with Brain Damage and random clips. Yaridovich tooks the high road and took on the more complicated Wall album. Good show my dear chap.

The Ponies Invade the UK

You gave us The Beetles, we’ll give you ponies. The Fab 6 is on it’s way on the airwaves in The United Kingdom at the end of July, according to an official e-mail sent from the brass at Hasbro Customer Affairs on the Islands. The same source also mentions that the toys will start showing up “in all good toy stores” in September.

God Speed Ponies.

[Many Bothans died to get us this information]

Take Me Home Pony Roads

My apologies to Zedmastermind who submitted this days ago, holiday weekend + work and all.

Random Video Submission

Videos not submitted by the creators but just a random passing brony, thanks Italo!  Call this an old cartoon crossover with FiM post.