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Rainbow Dash – Fly Away From Here

Pony Musical Video set to Aerosmith – Fly Away Home.  Prism (the maker of the video) is currently taking suggestions for any music that fits other man cast memembers.  Hit’em up on youtube comments.

The Godpony Part 3

So if its tradition to kiss the Godfather’s ring, what do ponies kiss?  The Godpony’s horseshoe?

Reservoir Ponies (Trailer)

My mind always goes to the scene where they guy is cutting off the other guy’s ear in the warehouse.

Derpy drops piano on Morris Marina

Oh Derpy, you and pianos.

Well, my desktop is full of pony. The last time I had checked, the desktop ponies program was at version 1.19. Since then they have added a plethora of perfectly pixelated ponies, including: Photo Finish, Octavia, The CMC, Cherilee in 80’s and normal varieties, Photo Finish’s entourage, OPPP and Candy Mane! Holy Guacamole!

Check that out here!

Seth over at EqD got an email from The Hub! Sounds a little farfetched doesn’t it? Well he thought so too, but it turns out it was quite legit! They included an extended version of the Equestria Girls video that was found a few days back. Take a listen to it, what do you hear? Oh yeah! There’s a shout-out to bronies in it! How cool is that? (They also mentioned how this was exclusive for EqD, whatever that means…)

The promo will air immediately after the Saturday Family Movie tomorrow night! They also added this line which I shall quote as well:

“This promo spot that will debut on air after our family movie on Saturday. The promo uses original voice talent from the show and has some special lines in tribute to our favorite Pony fans.”

As one guy stated in the comments to the video: “I feel like I’m being pandered too and i love it.”
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m cutting my camping trip short just to see this.

Here’s the original post on Equestria Daily, congrats on 8 million hits!

210 Wallpaper MEGAPACK

I have taken the time to scour dA, ponychan, my own personal archives and ponibooru for a MASSIVE 210 wallpaper MEGAPACK. With all wallpapers being at least 1200×800. (There’s only one and it didn’t have any artifacts when stretched across my widescreen monitor.) I know I have a lot, but I also know that I don’t have all of them. I passed up on quite a few due to resizing quality drops, so if there are a handful that you see aren’t in there it either hadn’t been seen in my search, too noisy, reused poses/scenes/expressions that other wallpapers did better or the quality didn’t hold up to my standards.

For those of you asking yourself: “Well wtf am I going to do? I can’t even BEGIN to choose which one I want the most on my desktop!”

Do what I did! Google “automatic wallpaper changer” and set it to change every 2 minutes, or whatever you want. I was also informed that Windows 7/Vista has this feature built into the personalization menus!

Hit up this link for the mediafire download.