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My Little Soviets: Communism is Magic

I love Russian style music.  Submitted by Zedmastermind.  It’s also the song theme from Tetris.

[MLP-FiM] When Hooves Collide

Another submission from Zedmastermind.

I’ve Got a Theory

Wait….Buffy, the musical?  And I thought it was strange that Spiderman had a musical (if the show ever gets off the ground and spiderman stops getting beheaded by the cables).

PMV – We’ll Meet Again

And much like a radio show that I do, a total change in musical genre.  Old school (and makes me think of Fallout), but as someone said in the comments, a good way to end Season 1.

Fanboy Moment #1: OMG LUNA TOY

OMGOMGOMGOMG. Ok now that that’s over with, Seth got a tip over on the EqD about this one. It looks really good to me, I don’t think we could ask for much better, well except a whiter Celestia. It looks like some of those guys making the toys over in China smuggled a couple out of the plant and are selling them on a foreign Ebay.

There’s more pictures and discussion on the MLP Arena thread.

Also normal sized Celestia? When is that coming out?

Submitted by Zeetermin who feels it deserves more views, and I do agree.

My Little Pony FiM – Wtf Collective

Another submission from Zedmastermind, I’ve also included the follow up, My Little Pony FiM – Wtf Collective 2.