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Everybody Loves Derpy, DerpyHooves Wants You! & The Website

Its Everybody Loves Derpy, the pilot episode.  If you’re not a Futurama fan, then the joke will be beyond you, but this video is a parody of “Everybody loves Hypnotoad” off of one of the season DVDs.

DerpyHooves Wants You!

In short, I’m looking for individuals or “reporters” to go around and submit news or things going on in the FiM Community.  As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m entering what I call my ‘busy’ season work wise, and it leaves me very little time to put the love into this page as I’ve been doing (along with everything else I got going on).  So in short, if you see something that is what I’d call ‘post worthy’ to be reported to the community at large, if I get one or two individuals who do this constantly and do a good job, then I’d actually like to give writing permission to the Derpy blog to a couple of people, so they can post things directly.  That way it doesn’t leave me having to worry about keeping this place (news wise) updated.

The Website

As for, if you have not noticed (very possible you have not) that the page has undergone some revamping, namely stepping out of the dark of HTML 1.0 into the world of HTML/PHP Web 2.0.  The old page was riddled with tables and minor coding errors, but thankfully to a German Brony by the name of Jaller94, the site has mostly been recoded (if not all).  Jaller94 will also be taking over webmaster duties to keep links up to date or to add them.  A big thanks goes out for his dedication and work to this site.

I got a couple of other things that will be posted later on tonight.

Remember, all submissions can be made to, apparently our submit form is having a little issue with certain browsers.

Ahaha, thank you Prism for dropping this off.  Now somepony make’em some sprites to use for future episodes!

Another letter in the news mailbox, today’s a good day.

Senn555 of Ponychan is currently looking for signatures on a petition to show musical people that there is a need for a soundtrack album of FiM.  Here is the Ponychan post (and link).

Also remember Ingram will be interviewed on the 26th.


Okay, here’s the deal. 

I’m a HUGE soundtrack / film music aficionado, and as such, I personally know and can get in touch with many people working in the soundtrack industry. I’ve mentioned Friendship is Magic to several of them, but no one is willing to even touch this unless they see that the demand is there. 

That is where this comes into play – I threw together this petition earlier today: 

If we’re going to see a soundtrack album released on CD (or at least, increase the odds that it will happen), I need to gather up as many signatures as possible from you pony fans. I’ll send this off to the soundtrack guys once I see that a sizeable number of signatures have been collected. 

Yes, spread the word about this petition, as much as you can! Word of mouth is the #1 factor in ensuring this gets as many signatures as possible. 

Go check it out! 

Thanks for reading~

Super Ponybeat – My Little Pony (Europener Mix) Take 2

Eurobeat Brony has released the next preview of Europener Mix, and is seeking all the feedback on it that he can.  So jump over to Bandpuff’s youtube channel and leave some for good old EbB.

Very entertaiing 7 minutes spoof of an investigative report on Bronies.  Dropped off by Wolfenbarg in the news mailbox.  Check it out, two words though guys, sound equalization, you may have to bounce the volume back and forth, but still worth it :)

I will my typical Steven Colbert stance and scream “Nooo” for no DerpyHooves love, but I love being the Colbert.  Bonus points for the few outtakes at the end (and muffin points for sticking Derpy graphic at the very end).

Fresh in the news room….
A new site has hit the scene,, a one stop shop for all your FiM musical desires, well, except MP3s :).  Well in short, this labor of love is a collection of all the music from Season 1 in the form of Sheet Music, Tabs & Chords.  Its a work in progress, so they have yet to fill out the entire library, you can currently find sheet music for the Title Theme, Art of the Dress and Giggle at the Ghosties, Chords for over half, the only area its lacking big time is tabs, but tabs are indeed hard to punch out.  The site will expand to include all three for all the songs, but of course it’ll take time.
The site is ran and worked on by Ruby Rose, Moonlight Sonata and Candy Creme.  Check’em out.

Video Game Crossover Story Contest!

Alright! So I’ve decided that I’m going to hold a small contest!
The contest will be to take a video game, and somehow work MLP: FiM characters in it, or vice-versa!
Here are the rules:

-Must have at least 500 words. That is the minimum (Aim for a thousand!).
-Must have Ponies (Duh)
-Must be VIDEO GAEM related
-Nothing super explicit; meaning no excessive gore, super kinky things, or anything like that.
Steven Magnet counts as a pony. And so does Spike.

The prize for this contest will be any game on Steam that is under $10 :D
Here is a link to Games under $10

When you have the story completed, please submit it to me
The message title should be ‘Story Contest’
In the email you should provide the link to the story, the author name, and what game it’s based off of.

The contest deadline has not been decided yet, and the contest hasn’t been finalized.
The rules will be the same, so you can go ahead and start writing and submitting now.
To remove any confusion, there WILL be a winner. The number of winners is still not decided.