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MLP KeyChains

Now available from Kanti, MLP:FiM Keychains!  I see EqD already had this up on their page, but oh well, if you submit, I will post.  Kanti has an indie merchant shop going and features multiple keyrings, such as the Derpy above (EqD used my second choice, Psycho Pinkie).  The shop features all of the cast members, a few multiples and of course the more well liked background ponies.  I’d grab one as I am looking for a keychain for my motorcycle, but I’d probably get beat for having a heart shape keyring.  Need some regular round ones!  But definitely awesome, you can go order them over here….

Kanti’s Cute Store (Etsy)

Kanti’s dA

Derpy Hooves Keyring on dA

by Rannva
As declared by Rannva, the “Doo Family” though you can also file them under the alias of the Hooves Family.  Besides the picture being super cute and awesome, it also follows a fanfic I’ve personally been writing very slowly (like glacier slow) over the past few months, which is basically about Derpy’s life from birth up until about the time of Dinky’s birth.  The main goal is to wrap up most of her fandom into a single character (minus total retard Derpy) and explain why she is the way she is.
Check out the dA post here.  From left to right we have Brolly (from Sonic Rainboom ep) with Derpy’s sister Flutter Doo, and her two fillies Tornado Bolt and Bolting (or Trot, undecided).  And then we have Derpy and Ponet (Van Horn) with Dinky, who wishes to be a pegasus in this picture, which is why Ponet has a somewhat concerned smile.  It seems Derpy & Ponet have become a couple versus Derpy and Doctor Whooves, which probably makes sense, I don’t think the good doctor could settle down enough for family life.

Videos, Videos and More Videos

Video dump day, if you didn’t catch them over on EqD, here they are again.

by Eurobeat Brony

by RainbowDash88

by Psychog13

by Dethonator

by Kil6969

More Derpy by Shutterflye

More by Derpy’s biggest art fan, Shutterflye

Slaughtershy by YoorPorick


New Art from YoorPorick, I think it was the third watch when I noticed Fluttershy actually had a squirrel in her mouth right before they ran.

Ponys + Portal 2 (by Don-Ko)


If you’re playing Portal 2 still, at least that is what Don-Ko has posted in his dA about this comic (mfw I haven’t played it yet).

Well, slow news week is slow, but I guess there just isn’t that much going on in the world of ponies, minus of course the news EqD gets, but even then its been minor.  There’s a new Eurobeat and 8 Bit tracks that will be coming here later in the evening (if you didn’t catch them on EqD), but right now I’m looking for some help.

I mentioned this in one of the previous post, I’d like to collect all the pony videos that I can on this site for our media section, and I ask you guys for some help.  Basically I’m looking for links to all videos that are not featured here in the media section, and yes before Captain Obvious Pony comes in and tells me to go lift them from EqD, I do plan on doing that at some point, but as said my time grows limited in these warm months, so it would work out easier if my mailbox was filled.  You don’t have to be the author/creator, and hell if someone wants to go over to EqD, click the video label and go through and make a list, that would be awesome.  This is a summer project, so of course there is no rush.

Hopefully the community has calmed down about the Lauren Faust thing, yes that was a biggie in the news world, and I know in certain corners it became a quick shitstorm, but at least in my neck of the woods (IrcHighway) it was pretty calm.  To quote someone, Faust is the creator of the world, but she didn’t hand make all the episodes of Season 1, she basically did what she is doing with Season 2, so there should be very little worry about what Season 2 will be, it still has her touch.  If there is a Season 3, then I’d start to worry.  But again as Faust said, she is done, but so is pre-production of the show.

So all should be well and hopefully we have ponies again by October.  There’s no official date of course, just a guess, which I think is based on the schedule of the first season.  Its known that Season 2 production will wrap up sometime at the end of December / start of January, and some did assume that would mean season 2 would start then.  BUT Season 1 didn’t wrap up until that time last year, thus I predict October.

That’s all for now, submissions can be mailed to, feel free to use that form I have under the submit button, but I think some people are turned off by it, either way works fine.

PS:  No word yet on Mentos/TrollHD of Episode 26, his google doc has yet to change.