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Ever since that sketch started floating around, I’ve been keeping my eye open for the real deal. Production seemed to be more difficult than it was worth, but luckily for the rest of us. A.Rockbell made it happen, right now (s)he is making a prototype and taking email pre-orders for the jackets.

The jackets start off at $50 for any size or gender, for either a wonderbolt or a shadowbolt version. Or if you can’t decide there’s a $70 reversable version with both.

Check out the details here.

Over on Ponychan, on the merchandise board. A brony going by the name Opalescence has started up a contest for a blind bag Fluttershy. Those are kind of a big deal, especially if you’re a collector like me.

How do you win this you ask, and what in the wide wide world of Equestria is a Shutterfly you ask?
Due to a typo from an official email from hasbro asking about their products and being seen by one of the many interesting minds in the community, the idea of a genetically spliced fly+fluttershy was born.

Now how do you win?

Quote from the ponychan post:

“You can draw it, animate it, make a comic about it, render it, sculpt it, or customize some toys. If you want to build a model from toothpicks, be my guest.
But before you all go moaning about guro, flutterabuse and the likes, let me tell you, I love Fluttershy as much as any other pony from the show. And that is why there is one restriction I want to impose:

While the goal is to create a horribly mutated mockery of the Fluttershy we all hold dear, I also want you to keep her adorable in some heartbreaking, tearjerking way.
Shutterfly should be a grotesque yet huggable monster.”

The deadline is July, 4th at midnight PST.

All entries look like they can be submitted right to the thread on ponychan. The rest of the details are there.

Pony Pins are Coming Soon!

PinFilly had designed cutie mark pins a while back and put them up for pre-order. They had been ordered along with a lot of extra pins to sell regularly to those who missed the pre-order. According to PinFilly herself, they will be arriving in bulk to her business/residence next week and those who pre-ordered should start seeing them in about 2 weeks!

And for those who want in on the pins, look no further: They are priced between $2-$3 each.

Official Soundtrack Petition

You like ponies don’t you? Do it for the ponies!

I know this is somewhat older news, but it deserves a longer spot in the limelight.

I personally would love to see this happen, along with some drama tracks thrown in there from the VA’s. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring new official content without all the effort.

It’s up over one thousand signatures already, but we need more support! Please consider signing even if you don’t plan on purchasing it, every signature helps!

New Pony-Related Social Networking/News Site Pops Up

The only duckface you’ll see there is from Rarity herself

Parodying the Facebook name, TheFlankBook does what the popular networking site does and more. Using an open source variation on the mega-site, the home page brings up a news feed of sorts. Showing public posts from the users, where all sort of things – but not limited to – pony related news is being posted in a collaboration of sources from all over the fandom.

With a straight-forward navigation style on the top featuring a chat and other valuable links, you can find anything you might want to look for within a couple of clicks. On the sidebar there is even a music player featuring music from the show and remixes of those songs.

Right now it’s in Beta 2.0 according to the banner and boasts 460 active members so far. Check it out!

Everybody Loves Derpy, DerpyHooves Wants You! & The Website

Its Everybody Loves Derpy, the pilot episode.  If you’re not a Futurama fan, then the joke will be beyond you, but this video is a parody of “Everybody loves Hypnotoad” off of one of the season DVDs.

DerpyHooves Wants You!

In short, I’m looking for individuals or “reporters” to go around and submit news or things going on in the FiM Community.  As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m entering what I call my ‘busy’ season work wise, and it leaves me very little time to put the love into this page as I’ve been doing (along with everything else I got going on).  So in short, if you see something that is what I’d call ‘post worthy’ to be reported to the community at large, if I get one or two individuals who do this constantly and do a good job, then I’d actually like to give writing permission to the Derpy blog to a couple of people, so they can post things directly.  That way it doesn’t leave me having to worry about keeping this place (news wise) updated.

The Website

As for, if you have not noticed (very possible you have not) that the page has undergone some revamping, namely stepping out of the dark of HTML 1.0 into the world of HTML/PHP Web 2.0.  The old page was riddled with tables and minor coding errors, but thankfully to a German Brony by the name of Jaller94, the site has mostly been recoded (if not all).  Jaller94 will also be taking over webmaster duties to keep links up to date or to add them.  A big thanks goes out for his dedication and work to this site.

I got a couple of other things that will be posted later on tonight.

Remember, all submissions can be made to, apparently our submit form is having a little issue with certain browsers.

Ahaha, thank you Prism for dropping this off.  Now somepony make’em some sprites to use for future episodes!