Sunday Morning Comics #09

ponyhell by *CSImadmax

The comic above dubbed “Uplifting” didn’t want to play nice with WordPress, more or less its file size was too big. This is the next chapter in a small but on going comic series dubbed “Time Off”, showing what the Mane 6 do in their spare time. Its been featured here solo a few times, namely this article which contains the previous comics. I wanted to include it with the comics, but WordPress ain’t letting it happen. Click here to read the whole thing.

Comics behind the page break.

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Ponytails - by: Egophiliac

I’m not exactly sure what language they speak in Singapore, but they probably have screenings of the dubs to check out before they go on TV at CybertronCon 2012 from March 11th-14th.
Because they have a huge showing from Hasbro at the show (and a 22 foot tall, life-sized Optimus Prime) they obviously have a little bit of pony to show off. (It’s mostly a Transformers Con though.)

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Weekend ScratchUp #5 – 3xSmile Edition

Because we could all use this right now. I’ve been blasting this playlist out of my car on my commute to and from work this week and suprisingly, no odd faces or shouts from pedestrians (too busy smiling :v). Songs found after the <!--more-->.
(Daymare WHO?)

(Editors note: Daymare will be back soon)
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Tomorrow, starting at 12pm Pacific Standard Time, Ponies Live Now will be hosting a 24 hour NES/SNES gaming marathon to raise money for the Humble Indie Bundle. They will also have a lot of really great prize giveaways, over $300 dollars worth, in fact.

There will also be a lot of great folks from all over the place showing up throughout the stream… including me!

After the break I embedded the promotional video and you can see the full details on the google doc – New link

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Google launched a contest for people to hack and exploit the crap out of their internet browser for security leaks for the first time this year, the 1 million USD prize pool was up for grabs to those who could find new and unknown bugs and exploits for Chrome. A teen using the handle “Pinkie Pie” was one of the few who was able to find a security hole and take control of a target computer . The objective was to find a way to open up the calculator program on a windows machine, Pinkie Pie took it a step further and opened up Moongaze’s picture of Pinkie wielding an axe.

He is eligible to win 60k in prize money a Chromebook and one hell of an entry on his resume. Congratulations!

via Wired

Time For Magic by *Jungle-Fire

When Twilight Sparkle receives a strange and vague warning about impending doom and disaster from her future self, she drives herself nearly mad in an attempt to stall a cataclysmic event, but her uncertainty makes finding answers difficult.

Upcoming Episode: S02E24 – MMMystery on the Friendship Express

Just Desserts by Spaceponies

Just Desserts by Spaceponies

Have a fresh episode synopsis after the break (copypasta from Ponyleaks).

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