FlutterBOSS by Spartan19

FlutterBOSS by Spartan19

Spoilery copypasta from my blog after the break.

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Comic: A Good Friend by MadMax

a good friend by *CSImadmax

McDonald’s ponies jumping the gun

It looks like McDonald’s started giving out their Happy Meal ponies today!  In most places, anyway.  I’ve heard reports here and there that some places aren’t starting until tomorrow, like planned, but it seems like the majority of McDonald’s are at least free to sell you just the toys.  It might be worth it to make a trip to McDonalds tonight just in case, especially if you’re looking for Rarity or Pinkie.  It’s probably unlikely that they’ll run out of toys in a day, but you never know!

Remember to be nice if they say they can’t sell them until tomorrow- getting worked up will just make the poor underpaid McDonald’s employee irritated and get you nowhere.

[Link to Store page] – This is actually the old one that we already knew about.


The US waves are all labelled weird. The wave one boxes we know are actually wave 2 as wave one was the Toys r Us box or some individual boxes, I don’t even really know.

I apologize for the error.



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Episode 20: “It’s About Time” Teaser Clip. Episode Airs this Saturday at 1pm EST

Karonkun over on MLPArena found this on TaoBao.

I have no reason to believe that this is fake or a custom… Ok, maybe I do. It’s really hard to tell most of the time, but I haven’t been fooled yet? Is that good enough? Probably not.

The general time between found on TaoBao to being sold on the shelves is like 3 months. So watch out for that!

This is speculation, but you want to know what my theory is? That this is going to be a special edition release for Comic-Con.

You heard it here first


Community Mornings #01

Time for some community roundup, as we kind of gotten behind on our community posts with all the hub bub that has occurred in the past couple of weeks. So for the moment we’ll be creating an article series as a one stop shop for community activities.

 Welcome to blogs.sfweekly.com  For awhile we had been posting up these reviews written by Sherilyn Connelly of the SF Weekly, but unfortunately with the drama and such that went on with February, we kind of got off rails around here. Thankfully its getting quiet out there. Currently she is up to Episode 10, we left off with ep 3 & 4.
SF Review – Ep 5 & 6

SF Review – Ep 7 & 8

SF Review – Ep 9 & 10

  And with our friends Bronycomms, we left off with the review of Episode 6, and now they are up to 9.

Season 2 Episode 7

Season 2 Episode 8

Season 2 Episode 9

  Bronyville Episode 044 – Friendship New & Old

Dear Princess Celestia,
Yay! Sandy is back! I get a little crazy without Sandy because he keeps me from being, as he says, the ‘Bad Idea Pony’. That’s fine really because he’s a happy guy once you get past all the sighs and grumbles. Anyway, we made a show! And Rayechu was on with us and she knows a ton about all those other Gs before this one. Se we talk about colorful pastel ponies! I know – how novel!
Apple Cider

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  WeLoveFine would also likc to remind you that the MLP Cupcake Challenge is coming to a close. Today is the last day. You can find the announcement from DHN here, and of course their facebook page with the contest details. They also sent us a few pictures, have a DJ Pon3 you can devour.