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Giggle at the Ghosties [Chiptune]

Already been on EqD but I love these Chiptunes, total flashbacks of playing games on a Commodore 64.

Breakfast at Fluttershy’s by Squeak

And the final submission from Squeak, Breakfast at Fluttershy’s.  Keep up the good work Squeak, a few more and I’ll have to make you your own section in the Media room (once that system is updated and ready to roll).

Opening the Library by Squeak

These would actually make good video game music for each character, something about it makes me think old school Final Fantasy games, like when you’re first introduced to the characters.  Opening the Library, Twilight’s Theme.

Celestia’s Day by Squeak

And of course when you have Luna’s Night, there must be Celestia’s Day.

Luna’s Night by Squeak

Going to be a musical morning here on Derpy Hooves, I have 4 video/songs written by Squeak but I’m going to stagger them out per hour, just because I’m having fun with the scheduler.

Don Ko – More Portal Ponies

Well with Portal 2 out (and seems many have beaten the game into oblivion) I see we have a few Portal ponies coming out.  The following was made by Don Ko, apparently an entry for a contest taking place with the Steam Bronies.  You can visit Don Ko on dA.

The following is also Don Ko, a commission picture he made for homfrog on dA.
And might as well throw some Portal Derpy in here.

New MadMax Comic & MadMax Gallery

New MadMax Comic, I still see Toki’s parents when I see Pinkie.  If you don’t know what I mean, go look up Metalocalypse, then the character Toki, and then his parents.

Also since a collection of MadMax’s work was posted up on EqD, there is now a specific album in our art gallery for MadMax (which contains that collection minus the comics).  The comics will be uploaded into the pre-existing MadMax comic section, I need to go through and see which ones I don’t have, there seems to be over 60 and I roughly have over 50.

Visit MadMax over on dA as CSIMadMax.

And even though EqD beat me to posting the third section of the Derpy Muffin Saga, here it is (again).