The My Little Dashie Show

Just got done with another episode of The Little Dashie Show! Currently, this entertaining show is up to 5 episodes including tonight’s. What is the My Little Dashie Show? Read on…

The show consists of the lovely host, Dashie, and her online crew Qcom, BronyDanceParty, and HeartfireBurn, and her ever-lovely roomie Leeches, along with two guests per show. I am acting as the DHN representative, to give a quick news shout-out. The show’s aim is to have fun and ask questions live with the guests. Questions are pulled from the stream channels, and from the lot of us in the skype call. The show is also streamed live on Celestia Radio by the awesome Qcom, and Brony Dance Party hosts a viewer overflow stream of the show at The atmosphere is very laid back, and the key rules of thumb are to keep it clean and have fun.

The show airs live on Mondays and Thursdays, 9pm Eastern Standard Time (-5 GST).

More info (About tonight’s show) after the break!

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There doesn’t seem to be much detail outside of the pictures released by EqD, I’ve searched around and couldn’t find anything else on them, such as a release date and where they’ll be released. With the group being released are several notable figures, such as the first appearance of alicorns Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadence. Along with the alicorns there is also a Trixie figure (Trixie Lulamoon) and in this round Lyra has regained her name as Lyra Heartstrings. These are expected to hit the market somewhere within the next couple of weeks.


They are considered to be real, though there are people who are questioning if these toys are legit or not. As said above I tried to do some research on the set, but unfortunately could not turn up anything online. The main issue is the font usage on the Trixie figure, as pointed out by ComradeCosmobot (site admin of MLPonies) in this thread. It appears that the name uses two different fonts. On the MLP Wikia there is a list (no pics) of the Euro Blind Bags IV, which does include Lulamoon, though its not Trixie Lulamoon. There are several other facts pointed out, but at the moment Cosmobot is giving this a 70% real factor.

If it does turn out to be fake, I will say the troll behind it would get a good 7/10 if they created the entire thing. As some people have pointed out, the box is not something you can simply photoshop. For now we will keep an eye on this, but as for this set being faked, we’ll only consider that to be rumor at this time.

(Thanks to Strangepony who pointed this thread out to us in the comments).

Musical Interlude #14

By Zackira

Hey everyone! Time for this week’s musical interlude. And there totally was one last week. You guys just didn’t see it, that’s all.

Songs after the break!

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Background Music – Its About Time

New Frontiers by ~atryl

Time for the fun works of Will Anderson via the background music of Its About Time. Embeds after the page breaks.

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Derpy by *GSphere

Well it seems someone uncovered the title to the season finale, A Canterlot Wedding.  This was found via Simon & Schuster’s Digital Catalog as there will be a companion board book that retells the episode (board books are those childrens books with the cardboard style pages). The book itself will be available August 14th for $9.99. You can see the catalog information for the board book here (same as picture below).








Sunday Morning Comics #09

ponyhell by *CSImadmax

The comic above dubbed “Uplifting” didn’t want to play nice with WordPress, more or less its file size was too big. This is the next chapter in a small but on going comic series dubbed “Time Off”, showing what the Mane 6 do in their spare time. Its been featured here solo a few times, namely this article which contains the previous comics. I wanted to include it with the comics, but WordPress ain’t letting it happen. Click here to read the whole thing.

Comics behind the page break.

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Ponytails - by: Egophiliac

I’m not exactly sure what language they speak in Singapore, but they probably have screenings of the dubs to check out before they go on TV at CybertronCon 2012 from March 11th-14th.
Because they have a huge showing from Hasbro at the show (and a 22 foot tall, life-sized Optimus Prime) they obviously have a little bit of pony to show off. (It’s mostly a Transformers Con though.)

Via AsiaOne