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Possible Images of Last Two Episodes, Other Awesome Art

Well, as usual I’m doing my seek and find of new art for the gallery here, and came across a few things I wanted to post up, the first…

I think someone said these appear on the hub website, but its looks to be a preview of the last two episodes, the left being Party of One (ruined ending…) and the second the ponies at the Gala.
Dawww, I post this up as its awesome, and its from Cocolli who’s Derpy art has been a staple feature of this page (ala the banner above).

Semi-Pony Related

Random brony dropped this off in my news mailbox, its not directly MLP related, with probably the exception of Mr. Toots, it made me laugh, so I figured I’d share, cause you gotta share.

Episode 24 – Owl’s Well That Ends Well

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PensivePony Available Now
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NorixWolf [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ]
As always, I’ll leave the streams up as most will replay the episode for the next several hours.  I would check back at 3:30 and see where the youtube channels are.  As for the episode, mixed reviews, people are comparing it to Staremaster and such, definitely not god tier, so lets say 50-50, you’ll like it or be ‘eh’ about it.

And StrawberrySpice of EquestriaGaming aka NorixWolf on Youtube is first the gate with LLQ version!

PensivePony with the quick draw, LQ now out.  HD probably later tonight.

And yes you’re being redirected, the blog is currently in transition to its own domain name.

Friday Morning Music Videos

Well, old news is old, but if you didn’t catch them over at EqD, here you go, the most recent pony AMV and Musical Videos.

Myskinsoft Pony Remover by Kespainify
Rainbow Gradius by ThatKrystalFagget
Winter Wrap-Up (at the Everfree Forest) [Fan Music] by iamnotacleverpony
Lunar Eclipse [Luna’s Theme] by EveryPonyVideos

Friendship is Magic – Theme Song (Piano / Instrumental)

Awesome panio / instrumental medley is awesome.  I do believe by Purple Tinker / NRGForce, inspired by Lenich’s piano medley.  MP3 available here.

Fillies and Gentleponies,

The development team of MLP:FiM The Flash Game is holding a story contest for their game.  The main goal is for some pony to create an interesting storyline that will fuel the actual game, it needs to be detailed and long enough so the game can be built upon it.

[ The Game ]

MLP:FiM The Flash Game is a platformer style game.  It will have large multiple levels with mini bosses and of course at the end, the final boss.  Think Megaman or Sonic the Hedgehog style games.  The game will feature unlockable characters which will be used to access areas in levels that you could not access before to advance in levels.  Each character will be unlocked after defeating one of the mini bosses.  So its a cross between adventure and puzzle solving.

[ Rules ]

1.  No Grimdark.
2.  No Shipping.
3.  Primary gameplay must focus around the main ponies, not including Trixie, BonBon, Lyra, Spike, etc.
4.  It must remain completely in line with what you could imagine actually happening in the show.
5.  Stories are not to be posted anywhere.

The reason we do not want the stories to be posted anywhere is so the mystery of the game is kept a secret to the general public.  Otherwise if you know the story beforehand, its not as fun.  Stories will be judged by the development team and the author will be kept unknown to them until a winner is elected.

All Submissions are due May 15st, @ 11:59pm EST.

E-Mail your story to
Subject:  MLPFiM Flash Game Story Contest
Development Site:

We are also trying to spread the word far and wide, so tell your friends!

(Ponychan Thread)

MLP Japan Fundraiser Faust Sketch Auction Update

As said, I’ll keep everyone in the loop with the sketch auctions.  So here we go…

$2, 051 @ 70 Bids & 5 Days left.

$1,725 @ 36 Bids & 6 Days left.

$325.00 @ 8 Bids & 7 Days Left