magnet bolt blind bag and card

Wave 6 (night sky/purple) figures and cards have been popping up on Taobao, and the most accurate figure numbers are bellow.

It seems that the 3 “special” figures will be the ones with 3D gems on the cutie marks. The rest of the figures are a few new ones and many opaque plastic versions of wave 4 figures.

You can find all the images so far at the source, and the list so far below the page break.

[Source: MLP Arena]

1- Pinkie Pie
2- Fluttershy
4- Rainbow Dash
5- Rarity
6- Applejack
7- Minuette
8- Roseluck
9- Trixie Lulamoon (with gem symbol)
12- Berry Green
13- Merry May
14- Cherry Spices
15- Electric Sky
17- Amethyst Star
19- Sassaflash
20- (Magnet?) Bolt
21- Royal Riff
22- Peachy Sweet
23- Chance-a-lot
24- Shoe Shine

  • Present Perfect

    Looks like a second chance to get a lot of previous figs. I wonder if the ones released as glitters (Royal Riff, Chance-a-Lot, etc.) are gonna be non-glitter. That would be nice.

  • Just throwing out that my distributor has quoted, “Ships November” on this wave. Let’s hope he’s right!

  • very nice and good job.