PinFilly’s Pony Pins – Pre-order #8 – 2 Year Anniversary

Gummy ninja by *CaptainPudgeMuffin

I want to thank all of you that have ordered pins from me over the past two years! I still can’t believe its been that long.

To celebrate 2 years of pony pins there will be a new Rainbow Dash CM pin made to match the rest of the pins, same with the Trixie CM pin. There will also be a few limited edition pins, the designs will be released later this week. Two of which will be of Darkly Cute my OC. One of her CM and then one of the full pony. Quite a few of you have asked for a pin design of her, so I decided to release a couple for the 2 years of pony pins celebration. There will also be a Traveling Pony Museum set that will be released as well.

I recently restocked my online pin shop with some extras from Round 7 of the pins, most of which are limited editions. So check out to get those. I also have a few custom ponies for sale on the site as well.

The Cosplay pins pre-order is still going on as well! Check out all of the info for that here.

For those who ordered in Pre-order #7 your pins will be shipped out on over the next couple of days.

Pre-order #8 will open on March 31st, 2013. That is also when all of the new designs will be released.

Again thank you all for ordering pins from me! <3

– PinFilly

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