409 – “Pinkie Apple Pie”

Written by Natasha Levinger
“Pinkie makes an astonishing discovery that may link the Pie family to the Apple clan, and no one is more excited than Pinkie to hop on the Apple wagon to find the pony who will know for sure. Along the way they must learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and faults to find out what really makes a family.”
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General reports from the community are indicating that all upload attempts to YouTube are being met with ContentID blocks.  I do remember hearing that YouTube planned on rolling out an upgraded Content ID system that was going to be harsher than before, including scans on uploads.  I know since Season 4 has started, it seems the uploaders have struggled more and more each week, so its quite possible that YouTube has already begun to roll out the upgrades.  Hopefully we can do some research into it, otherwise seek the alternatives.  (DS)

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Apples To The Core

Pinkie Apple Pie – iPonyApp9

  • Anonymous

    Will you upload the episode on yayponies?

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why people still even try to upload new episodes to YouTube. Admit it, YT is, or will be dead when it comes to new episodes. Daily Motion is a good site, so why do some people try to deny inevitable? They risk getting their precious channels with tons of subscription getting blocked.

    • People fear change.

      Ponies on YouTube is definitely going to become a thing of the past. We’ve been lucky up to this point because Hasbro is really slow when it comes to technology, and with zero help from YouTube, their ContentID is very user friendly. Plus the fact the episodes are available on Google Play definitely does not help. But we’ve been lucky compared to other networks like Cartoon Network & Disney.

      Daily Motion and other random sources will become the norm, outside of subscriptions on iTunes and Google Play. Either way, check around for links on the news sites, we’ll find’em or make them.