Google launched a contest for people to hack and exploit the crap out of their internet browser for security leaks for the first time this year, the 1 million USD prize pool was up for grabs to those who could find new and unknown bugs and exploits for Chrome. A teen using the handle “Pinkie Pie” was one of the few who was able to find a security hole and take control of a target computer . The objective was to find a way to open up the calculator program on a windows machine, Pinkie Pie took it a step further and opened up Moongaze’s picture of Pinkie wielding an axe.

He is eligible to win 60k in prize money a Chromebook and one hell of an entry on his resume. Congratulations!

via Wired

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  • Folly

    This man has earned all of my admiration.

  • Luna’s Loyal Subject

    Gotta love programmers. They’re all a bit weird, but they’re all extremely talented, because meritocracies are what promote progress.

  • wirlog

    Is another wall that Pinkie broke….