So, I had purchased this new microphone for a couple podcasts that i’ve been or will be on in the fanbase, it’s portable with battery power. So what better to use it than to talk about what happens behind the scenes and talk in a stream of conciousness while driving on an interstate highway? This is totally the (auto)pilot episode, #000. There are a couple things that need to be worked out and fixed, including volume since I had to amplify this in Audacity. Plus a couple things I should consider for next time. Including finding a better place to hold the microphone, it flopped around a couple times while driving and I ended up holding it after a while.

When I listened to it, it was fine and that’s good enough for me. I’ll post it after those annoying post breaks I love so much!

Ok there are issues, I’ll work it out.  And hey, my voice isn’t as annoying as I thought it was!

It’s about 30 minutes long, because who wants to hear me ramble for an hour? Anyways, this episode covers:

  • My situation and feelings towards EqD which is not negative, mind you.
  • the podcast interview with WYRD 101 (to be aired monday, we will post it.).
  • spoilers
  • my 3 week hiatus in August.

 I will start reading and answering emailed questions in the next episode, if I get them. (!) I feel that this impromtu and un-edited endeavor could be very entertaining and informative into the life of someone on the B Team of pony news. I may have guests, but that is still up in the air.

Enjoy my weeaboo music and rambling. I will try to keep it unedited as much as possible. you may need to raise the volume a little, the first couple minutes are very quiet, until I start holding the mic instead of putting it somewhere.

Disclaimer: My opinions do not reflect all of the staff’s opinions, please keep in mind that this is a solo project and I did not inform them of this idea or project. Also I do hold no regard for language restrictions, this will probably hold a rating of R due to my swearing like a longshoreman.

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  • Anonymous

    You have no reason to be jealous of EqD, that place sucks.

  • Luna-tic Scientist

    Thanks for the post; an interesting (and honest) window into what's going on in the background. Also I think this is a reminder to us fans of the responsibility we have to feedback to those who put their time towards something we love (otherwise we wouldn't be here, right?). Any creative process thrives on feedback.

    …now onto the feedback.

    Sound quality was fine, although I did de-spike and normalise the quieter section.

    Not sure if it was you or soundcloud, but a 300Mb .wav download, _really_? The streaming feed was fine (even on my poor excuse for broadband), but I always download stuff like this to listen to on the move.

  • plaster

    haha yeah, I uploaded it drunk. I really could have done something better. I'll look into it, actually read the damn manual to this microphone. and figure it out for next time, thank you!

  • plaster

    ok so i reinstalled Monkey's Audio Encoder and i got it to compress by 47%. It's sitting at 134mb, still kinda big but better. I haven't done anything with it yet, should I upload it somewhere?

  • derpymaths

    oh, nevermind

    plaster dont be jelly you're easily the most entertaining pony reporter on the web, eqd or not.

  • Unknown

    to me, you fill a completely different niche than EqD. i think you do a MUCH better job at displaying official content like the episodes; you know, the actual things we all care so deeply about.

    EqD seems to me be more about the fandom, and because the amount of fandom content is so much larger than the official content, their site gets a lot more content and attention. consequently, EqD is now the poster child for the fandom, so most of those interviews and stuff goes there in order to reach the fandom.

    i found derpyhooves before EqD, and you're still my go to site for any real news, not backwards content like fan art and fan fiction.

  • mattyhex

    That was pretty entertaining! Sound quality wasn't too bad, kinda quite though. Also isn't a 'battery powered microphone' normally called a Dictaphone?

    Anyway- I can totally understand your jealously of EqD, I'm not sure who was around first but it does feel that derpyhooves is missed out all too often.

    One thing I saw on a submissions post once was making derpyhooves into a gateway for the highest quality work the fandom offers. And I just noticed you have two domains, so perhaps you could make one into a gateway site?

    Turning this place into a more popular site would take a lot of work, but then I'm sure that Sethisto must've put in a lot of time before his site became as popular as it is today.

    Although it must be said, this site offers a far balanced approach to official content, which is nice. And your anon comments aren't troll/wasted-server-time which is also a bonus.

    I'll have a wild guess and say your car is GM?

    I always laugh at American vehicles, they make lots of noise with little thrust, are very fragile and don't go very far on one tank. Try looking for a European/Japanese one as your next, it'll probably last longer and be cheaper to fix.